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Could Lucy Charles be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

The British triathlete plans to be in Tokyo although she has not decided yet

The 220 triathlon website speaks in an article about the possible candidacy of the Ironman star, Lucy Charles, for inclusion in the 2020 GB Olympic teams.

Lucy Charles is a 25-year-old British athlete who was runner-up in the Ironman World in 2017, and double champion in The Championship (2017 and 2018). She has also been the winner of the Ironman Lanzarote in 2017, and the Ironman South Africa in 2018.

From the web they have done an interesting interview where he talks about the possibility of participating, as he would do since it is centered on Ironman distance, etc.

To qualify as Lucy Charles, she would have to win a WTS like the one in Yokohama at the beginning of the season in May.

Does the classification for Tokyo 2020 is it something you're really considering?

It is a very remote possibility if I am honest. It would involve me training hard during the winter if I want to take it seriously. Although I'd love to give it a shot, I do not want to compromise how well it's marking everything and Ironman, so I may or may not see myself at the starting line looking for the ranking

It depends on the Big Boss Reece (your partner) and how you adapt my training. If we do, we will take it seriously, if we do not, we will continue to do well in the Ironman, so we can not really lose in either case

If you were to participate in a WTS now, what role would you play?

I think it would be good to swim and go with the girls in the lead, and I'm strong enough to go with them. But I always shoot on my own, and I would have a responsibility in the group so I have to make sure I have a good technique on the road bike. I may fall in a corner, but I think I could go back up.

It all comes down to running on foot. I have run in 34min the 10 km, which is not bad, but probably, I would not be at the top. I will continue working on that.

Do you think you have more profit potential with Olympic distance or Ironman races?

There are definitely more possibilities for sponsors in the long distance scene. I am free to obtain my own sponsors, so there are no limits. It is more difficult in the Olympic program, unless you win a medal, the Brownlee brothers, for example, are well-known names.

Some athletes, like the Germans, return to Kona's house as national heroes, but here you return to normal life and no one knows who you are. I think that is true at all distances.

Finally, the Mixed Relay will debut at Tokyo 2020, and this will be included in the selection policy. Is it an event that interests you?

I'm one of those people who always wants to try everything, so it's definitely something I'd love to do. We are as strong as a nation, it is a pity that we are limited to the number of athletes that can attend.

We could have a team of a, b, c and all get to the podium, there is a lot of talent in Britain.

Photo: lucycharles.com

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