Lucy Charles takes another test and is negative

He decided to take another test as the people he had been in contact with had tested negative.

The British triathlete Lucy Charles has published on his social networks the result of another test that has been done these days to confirm his positive in Covid-19 resulting negative

Charles, who was detected positive for Covid-19 this week, decided to take another test since the people he had been in contact with had tested negative.

This commented on their networks:

“I decided to do another test yesterday as everyone I had been in contact with had tested negative. This test has come back negative! I guess I was a false positive the first time? Or the tests just don't work?

What is known about false positives

As reported by the scientific journal The Lancet the incidence of "false positive" cases is not yet well documented.

False negatives are more likely because of the time it sometimes takes for the virus to incubate or because the person is already in the recovery phase and the test does not detect enough genetic material

El MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) comments on this topic that the molecular test performed to detect the coronavirus is very specific, which makes the results are very reliable.

«If you are tested for covid-19 and it is positive, you can be very sure that you are infected with this virus«.

However, although the tests have been refined throughout this year and the methods used are very reliable, as in any test, there may be cases where the results do not reflect the actual condition of the examined person.

«It is believed that most false positive results are due to laboratory contamination or other problems with the way the laboratory has performed the test, not the limitations of the test itself«, Indicates the university.

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