Lucy Charles already has a date to compete again

The British triathlete Lucy Charles He has already announced where he will compete again, after a season without being able to do so due to injury.

A few days ago she herself commented on her social networks that she had already finished the stage of her injury and I already know “I felt like a triathlete again".

In video you posted, he talked about his hip injury and that he was training again, even though the race part is the hardest.

It will be in the world LD

Now, he has confirmed that he will be in 2 weeks at the LD World Championship in Samorin (Slovakia).

She commented on Instagram “In just under two weeks I will start my racing season at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in Samorin, Slovakia.

It's been a roller coaster to get to this point, but I'm finally ready to put on a bib and know where I am.

I have no words to thank everyone who has contributed to my return to racing. Although there are no expectations for this race, it will be nice to draw a line in the sand and get back to doing what I love best.. "

That same weekend The Collins Cup is disputed

That same weekend and on the same stage The Collins Cup will be played, with the best triathletes in the PTO ranking.

Lucy's return to the "ring" is great news for the world of triathlon, since she is one of the best triathletes in the world.

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