Macca will compete in the TriStar Madrid

Chris McCormack, the best long-distance triathlete today and one of the best in history, has confirmed his participation in two of the imminent new TriStar events, both in Madrid on July 2-3 and in Berlin on July 17. month. Macca, who is a global ambassador for the TriStar series, highlights the value of these two competitions in which drafting will be allowed and for being two unique tourist destinations. In addition to these two TriStar111s, he will also be part of a team in the first TriStar TEAM Madrid.

Chris McCormack, ITU World Champion and two-time Ironman World Champion in Hawaii, has confirmed his long-awaited participation in two more TriStar events this year. Macca, who already competed in the TriStar Mallorca last April and in the TriStar Nevis, has entered the TriStar111 Madrid on July 3 and the TriStar111 Berlin just a week later (July 17). In addition, the Australian triathlete did not want to miss the opportunity to debut in the new team race (5 triathletes competing all together), the TriStar TEAM Madrid, which will take place on Saturday, July 2, the day before the TriStar111 Madrid.

Macca, TriStar ambassador, will be present at two of the newest European events this summer, since both in Madrid and Berlin drafting - riding in the cycling segment - will be allowed. For him it will be an important challenge because it will also serve as preparation for the ITU Olympic distance tests (where drafting is allowed in the same way) with a view to his possible participation in the 2012 London Olympics.
Both the TriStar Madrid and the TriStar Berlin will take place over a distance of 111 km (1 km of swimming, 100 km of cycling and 10 km of running), officially recognized by the International Triathlon Federation this week. The TriStar TEAM Madrid, a world novelty on July 2 in the capital of Spain, is also disputed over 111 km but by teams of 5 members who compete together, with drafting only between them and not between the different teams. These squads will have the purest cycling style with assists team cars, mechanics, team manager, personalized kits ...

'Macca' is one of the most charismatic triathletes with the most followers in the world (more than 30.000 on Facebook and 14.000 followers on Twitter). In 2010 he already participated in TriStar111 Worms, Tristar111 Monaco and TriStar111 Estonia, and in 2011 he has already participated in TriStar111 Mallorca on April 17 and in TriStar111 Nevis, where he won, and has confirmed that he will compete in many of the events that TriStar will organize around the world, with eleven destinations in total, and has stated that “TriStar is breaking the barriers of long distance sports by setting new and unique challenges that are very interesting and tough. I have engaged with them because they continue to host spectacular events that always keep the needs of athletes in mind. TriStar organizes the races just like I prepare for my competitions. Not only was the Australian named Sports Personality of the Year in Australia when he became Olympic triathlon champion, he was also voted Best International Triathlete of the Years 1997, 1998, 2001, 2006 and 2007. USA Triathlon Magazine awarded Macca the Triathlete of the decade title in 2010.

This will be the second test that TriStar holds this year in Spain, after the total success of the TriStar Mallorca on April 17, which featured the participation of the best long-distance triathlete in the world, Chris 'Macca' McCormack, two-time champion of the Ironman world, and other great triathletes such as Marcel Zamora, Olivier Marceau, Normann Stadler ... In addition, Madrid joins the list of eleven world Star Events events that are completed with different formats and distances: Berlin (Germany), Split (Croatia), Nevis (SKN), Mallorca (ESP), Worms (GER), Madrid (ESP), Minnesota (USA), Lyon (FRA), Otepää (EST), Monaco (MON) and Sardinia (ITA).

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