Madrid puts the finishing touch to the women's triathlon

Madrid puts the finishing touch to the women's triathlon

Madrid, September 20, 2011- As a final touch to the women's triathlon 2011, which began on May 15 in Gran Canaria and has traveled throughout the Spanish geography passing through cities such as San Sebastián, Mérida, Gijón, and Valencia, has left us images of hundreds of women and companions who have enjoyed the adventure of participating in a triathlon. This year, the women's triathlon will have its last stop in the country's capital

Madrid has been the city chosen to host the last of the events of this circuit. The Casa de Campo has been in charge of hosting the women's triathlon year after year, with an affordable distance for all levels. Surrounded by an ideal landscape for holding a test of these characteristics, with wooded areas and with all the services at your fingertips, you can enjoy one more year of this great day, The Women's Triathlon.

If you like to play sports and you always propose a new challenge, this is your day. Participate, you are still on time

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