Magnus Ditlev and Anne Haug win Challenge Roth

Today, in the German city of Roth, one of the most important events in the world in the long-distance triathlon was held on Challenge Roth where as usual there has been a level at the height of a world championship.

World champion triathletes have participated in the test, such as Jan Frodeno, Patrick Lange o Anne Haug, besides triathletes like Sam Log, Magnus ditlev o fenella langridde among others.

Regarding the Spanish representation Judith Corachán It was our trick, in what was the debut in this race.

The town of Roth and its surroundings are totally involved in the event, where nearly 200.00 people have followed the race on the street.

As for the circuits, the 3,8km swim was carried out in the Main-Donau-Kanal, to continue with the 180km cycling segment through the towns near Roth.

The last segment, the foot race, consists of 42,2km in a single lap, it starts inside the city of Roth, to continue along the Main-Donau-Kanal and return to the city and the finish line.

Magnus Ditlev wins in the men's category

The whole triathlon world was waiting for the return to competition of the German Jan Frodeno, after an injury that has kept him away for several months without wearing a bib number.

Jan was the first out of the water followed closely by Maurice Clavel. At 1:30 a group was leaving with Patrick Lange or Thomas Davis among others.

In the first kilometers of the cycling segment, a leading group was unified with Frodeno, Clavel, Ditlev, Reinaldo and Kallin who were riding together until the last part of the race where Frodeno and Ditlev reached T2 with almost 2 minutes over Kalin who was third at this point in the competition.

Maguns Ditlev has set the record in this segment with a time of 4:01:56, surpassing that of Cameron Wurf (4:05:37). It should be noted that the times cannot be compared since the cycling circuit has changed.

At the start of the foot race Jan started to lead Magnus by 10 seconds at kilometer 2. But shortly after the German had to stop and abandon the race.

Moment in which Jan Frodeno left the competition

From then on Magnus Ditlev was placed as the leader of the race with an advantage of almost 3 minutes over Robert Kallin.

The Dane increased his advantage to go through the half marathon with almost 9 minutes ahead of Kallin, and 12 over Patrick Lange who was already third.

Finally the victory was for Magnus ditlev with a time of 7: 35: 48 followed by Patrick Lange (7: 44: 52) and for Reinaldo Colucci (7: 52: 36) in third position

The test record is held by Jan Frodeno with 7:35:39.

Men's 5 Top

Job title Athlete Time
1 Ditlev, Magnus (DEN) 7:35:48
2 Lange, Patrick (GER) 7:44:52
3 Colucci, Reinaldo (BRA) 7:52:36
4 Weiss, Bradley Sean (RSA) 7:53:56
5 Kallin, Robert (S.W.E.) 7:59:35

Anne Haug wins in the female category

In the female category, the first to come out of the water was Fenella Langridge along with
Rebecca Clarke ahead of Sabrina Roth by almost 4 minutes who started third.

In the cycling segment, Langridge gradually increased his advantage to go through km 90 with an 8-minute lead over Anne Haug, who had come from behind. Judith Corachán was fifth at this point at more than 13 minutes.

Finally, Fenella arrived alone at T2 with a 5:30 advantage over the German Anne Haug and 17 minutes over Laura Siddall. Judith was still fifth when she got off the bike 2:12 out of third place.

In the foot race, Haug was cutting the difference with respect to Langridge, passing 20 seconds in the half marathon to surpass her at kilometer 23 of the race.

Finally the victory went to the German Anne Haug with a time of 8:22:42 followed by Fenella Langridge (08: 31: 41) and Judith Corachán third (08: 46: 29).

Top 5 female

Job title Athlete Time
1 Haug, Anne (GER) 8:22:42
2 Langridge, Fenella (GBR) 8:31:41
3 Corachan, Judith (ESP) 8:46:29
5 Clarke, Rebecca (NZL) 9:08:37

There are no previous results.

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