Magnus Ditlev wins the Budva Challenge again

The organization Challenge Budva The winner of the test has changed again, crowning again Magnus ditlev as the winner of the competition.

Ditlev was the clear winner of the test arriving with more than 6 minutes of advantage over the second classified Patrick Lange.

Hours later the organization itself was the one suspended the winner because Magnus shortened the route of the race on foot (due to the bike that opened the race)

Well, now again the organization of the Challenge Budva has reappointed Magnus Ditlev as the winner of the test, after assuming that it was his fault and not the rider's.

This is the official statement

«Following the disqualification of Magnus Ditlev from CHALLENGE BUDVA-MONTENEGRO for involuntary interruption of the running race and a subsequent claim from Ditlev, CHALLENGE FAMILY and CHALLENGE BUDVA -MONTENEGRO have further investigated the incident.

The decision to disqualify Ditlev was based on the information available at the time in accordance with the World Triathlon rules where cutting off the course results in disqualification. 

However, based on further investigation, his disqualification has been returned to a five-minute penalty as initially stipulated. 

The action was reduced in recognition of the role the race organization played in diverting Ditlev, for which CHALLENGE FAMILY and CHALLENGE BUDVA -MONTENEGRO have apologized, committing to implement stronger procedures to ensure this is not repeated.

Ditlev retains his place as the inaugural champion of the BUDVA-MONTENEGRO CHALLENGE with a time of 3:46:29 with Patrick Lange in second (3:48:21) and Ruedi Wild in third (3:50:43).«

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