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The Valencia Marathon announces the celebration of an elite event at the highest level

The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon will hold an athletic event at the highest level on December 6, 2020.

The Organization, in charge of SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Council, announces that there will be a professional version of the marathon race (Elite Edition) and which will also be accompanied by a proof of half marathon.

Both events will have the most ambitious sporting objectives, since they work in a team of elite athletes to get closer to the world records of the two distances.

The celebration of this Elite Edition will be possible thanks to the financial support of the businessman Juan Roig through the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, which he himself chairs.

The foundation, the main collaborator of both races, thus promotes the celebration of this high-level double event within the # EActíVateSport strategies that it has implemented to promote the reactivation of sporting events in Valencia.

Also the loyalty shown by the sponsors and collaborators of the Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon in 2020 will help this event to take place with the aim of continuing to export the name of Valencia to the world.

There will be 300 professional runners from all over the world

After the announcement of the cancellation of the popular test, given the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of the 30.000 registered participants due to the global health crisis caused by covid-19, the Organization confirms the celebration of this elite version for a maximum of 300 professional runners from around the world, that will be invited and confirmed by the team of race selectors.

Besides fighting for get the best marks in the marathon and half marathon distances, Male and female athletes will look for the brand in Valencia Ciudad del Running that will give them the opportunity to attend the next Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021.

3 tests survive Covid-19

This year, due to the covid-19 crisis, only the celebration of the London Marathon, who turns 40 like him Valencia Marathon in this 2020, and the World Cup Half Marathon in Poland, both with the participation only of professional athletes for health and safety reasons.

Hunting for the Olympic minimums

With the maximum sanitary controls and the security that an event demands, Valencia Ciudad del Running will host the great athletic event en route this year, with about 250 professional marathon runners from all over the world.

Among them are the participants of the elite program MyBest42 hunting for the Olympic minimums, as well as another fifty athletes seeking the best possible marks in the 21.097,5 meters, in a test that will be held in parallel on the 6th December, although without coinciding at the same time in the streets of the running city.

Strict sanitary control and a reduced circuit

The organization will create a health bubble around the event and will take exceptional security measures to guarantee a great sporting event with minimal health risk.

The test will have its own medical device, which will include the support of an external consultancy to collect all the data and guarantee, if necessary, the traceability of the steps of athletes and people involved in the organization of the race.

In addition, the tests will be held in a reduced circuit coordinated with local authorities, to reduce the impact on the city and the health risk.

Paco Borao, president of SD Correcaminos and race director, assured that «The celebration of this great athletic event will mean that València will host the most important race of the year 2020 worldwide, not only because of the brand goals in both distances and also because of the census of elite runners who will seek a place for the Tokyo Olympics .

We are convinced that in a year as complicated as this one, the name of València will once again be heard around the world«

Valencian Autonomous Marathon Championship

The appointment in the streets of Valencia on December 6 will also serve to host the Autonomous Marathon Championship, which will host the presence of twenty-five athletes with a Valencian federation card, adding to this celebration of athletics an autonomous competition to accommodate this great event Valencian athletics

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