Marcel Zamora looks for his sixth victory at the Ironman in Nice

The Spanish triathlete Marcel Zamora will seek his sixth triumph in the Nice Triathlon this Sunday on the French Riviera, for which he will have to be the first to cross the finish line after 3,8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and a marathon at foot.

«It is difficult to gauge the pressure I feel. On the one hand it is greater, since many people expect me to win and think that it is easier and easier when I have already won five times, and in reality it is just the opposite. Every year the level rises, people come more prepared, they watch me more, and ultimately you have to go faster to win, "explained the Spaniard in statements provided by his press department.


The 33-year-old Zamora first won this competition in 2006 and so far no one has been able to wrest his dominance from him. «This Ironman adapts very well to my characteristics. Nice has a profile in the bike segment somewhat different from most Ironmans and is better suited to a climber profile like mine, ”he analyzed.

Source: Europapress

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