Marcel Zamora gets his sixth victory of the Embrunman

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Marcel already adds 6 victories in the Embrunman, 5 in the Ironman in Nice and one in the Challenge Barcelona. Víctor del Corral finishes in fifth position.

Today, one of the mythical tests of the triathlete summer, the Embrunman, a long distance test in the middle of the Alpine heart where Marcel Zamora has achieved his sixth victory (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017) to which we must add his five victories in the Nice Ironman (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and in Challenge Barcelona (2009)

Embrunman is "5º monument" of the triathlon and the last to be held. It is the only one that does not belong to any of the two large franchises (Ironman or Challenge), besides being the one that presents some tougher routes due to its unevenness in cycling and running. It is the only one where he has never gotten off 9 hours in men or 10 hours in women and as a curiosity, only one winner in Hawaii has been able to win in Embrun, it was Scott Molina in 1991.

The test began at 6 in the morning with the 3,8 km of swimming in the Plan d'Eau lake where the first to leave the water was Sebastien Fraysse followed by Jaroslav Kovacic, Ettienne Diemunch and Kevin Rundstadler at 1:40 of the leader. Marcel Zamora started 5th at 2:23.

In the tough 188 km cycling sector with 5.000 meters of positive elevation gain, a group was in the lead in the first 20 km with Sebastien Fraysse, Ettienne Diemunch, Marcel Zamora and Kevin Rundstadler. So that later Marcel Zamora took the lead of the test to go through km 137 with 4:10 of advantage over Victor del Corral, with a great comeback and Timothy Van Houten. Gustavo Rodriguez passed fifth at 5:16 from the head of the test.

Finally, Marcel Zamora arrived alone at T2 with 6: 40 advantage over Victor del Corral and 6: 32 over Timothy Van Houten. Former cyclist Miquel Elgezabal finished sixth at 11: 17 and Gustavo Rodríguez seventh with 14 minutes of delay on Marcel who finally had to leave due to a back discomfort suffered during the last kilometers on the bicycle.

In the 42 km of foot race Marcel Zamora He managed to manage his advantage to get his sixth victory in the race with a time of 09: 43: 13, followed by Adrej Vistica (09: 47: 39) and for Jaroslav Kovacic (09: 48: 38) occupying the second and third place of the podium. Victor del Corral with a great performance finished in fifth position with a time of 09: 55: 16 and the exciclist Miquel Elgezabal (10: 07: 43) finished in the seventh place

5 Top Classification

1 Marcel ZAMORA PEREZ 9:43:13
2 Andrej VISTICA 9:47:39
3 Jaroslav KOVACIC 9:48:38
4 Timothy VAN HOUTEM 9:50:22
5 Victor DEL CORRAL 9:55:16
7 Miquel Elgezabal 10:07:43


Meanwhile Gustavo Rodríguez who could not finish the test said the following in their social networks:

"Finally, today was not the day I dreamed of. Sad and disappointed to have to abandon one of the races that I have prepared with the most care and affection. A discomfort in the back the last 20-30 km of bike that I thought would subside when I got off to run ... But in the end it was not like that, turning each step into an ordeal. Now it's time to move forward and not waste time or energy lamenting. "

Photo: Embruman

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