Marcel Zamora advises us how to face the Extreme Man of Narbonne

The next 09 in September Narbonne will host the first edition of the Extreme Man Half Distance Triathlon, a very attractive test for its locations and which will also feature internationally recognized triathletes.

Thanks to its proximity to the peninsula and the attractiveness of this test both for its places and for its practically flat circuit, this international event will feature a large number of Spanish triathletes who will come to debut in the middle distance or compete for the first time in a race. international.


Among other representative triathletes, Marcel Zamora (5 times winner of the Ironman of Nice) is expected to attend this event, as a professional triathlete and recognized coach of this sports discipline we wanted to interview him to offer us some simple tips for all participants of this sport first edition of Extreme Man Narbonne

The week before the competition What things do not we have to forget?

The week before the competition for me the most important thing is to know how to rest, not train much and assimilate well all the hard training. After the rest and the previous feeding will give us a point of strength for facing the competition to notice us with much desire and as new.

And to concentrate and get more in the race to see that all the material is well and to have everything prepared with time and so one is already thinking that there are few days left for the competition.

The day before the test What do you usually do as a preparatory to the competition?

The day before it is very important to prepare everything of the race with a lot of care and tranquility, so that last minute scares do not happen once in the race. Important not to leave anything of the feeding, the material of bike and race on foot, everything well prepared, like simulating that you leave the water or that you get off the bike.

At the training level it is good to do something to activate, but without doing "animated", in my case I always roll 30min very soft in the morning.

Important the hydration and the feeding the day before, since it will be the gasoline that we will have in our muscular deposits, but neither it is necessary to happen and eat like a crazy person.

The day of competition arrives. How do you get up, do you do something as a preparation?

For me this day the hardest thing is to get up so soon, but it is good to do an 3h before departure and breakfast with ease, get to the pits soon to check that all the material is well, inflate the wheels, place the drums, shoes and remember well the entrances and exits of boxes after each discipline. Take a reference to know where we have our bike.

Fit the neoprene well to feel completely comfortable in the water.

Moments later you stand on the starting line. What goes through your mind and how do you plan the competition?

At this moment you have to try to think only positive things and everything will be fine, the work is done and there is no going back, thinking that you are going to enjoy yourself and that everything will turn out well.

Could you give us some basic advice for the Water segment?

Above all know how to place each one at your level, not put in front if you do not want to receive many blows, once in the water it is very important to make your space, without receiving many blows, look to concentrate and catch a coordinated breath and find the optimal rhythm According to each level, it is always good to take reference to the feet of someone you see you can follow and thus avoid having to raise your head so many times to see where the buoys are, but make sure from time to time that the one in front is oriented well.

For the cyclist?

Make a transition with head without leaving anything, once on the bike, take a steady and regular pace that the competition is very long, important not to forget the feeding and hydration.

Nowadays what is being lost and makes this discipline special is that each runner respects the distance with his competitors, because drafting is cheating and loses all the essence of this discipline, together we will make sure that our sport does not exist cheats.

For the running race?

Important to start with a moderate pace and as the musculature is adapting and putting in place, increase and pace if it goes well. In case of feeling fatigued it is good to take a comfortable pace and not squeeze more than necessary because otherwise the end will end up walking.

Just as in the bike very important the feeding with gels and the drink in the refreshments. It is also good to wear a visor or hat to prevent the sun from punishing us more than necessary.

Above all be very strong head and think about all the hours spent in training and in ours that have suffered all this preparation, focus on arrival always helps.

You reach the goal, what is the first thing you do? What advice do you give us to recover better after the competition?

Once you get there the best thing is to try to drink a lot, get wet to get back a good body temperature and when it has been a while to start eating if you feel like it.

It is very important to keep hydrating during the following hours so that the body recovers better.

If you want to know more about Marcel Zamora:

Coming soon we will see him compete in Extreme Man Narbonne, a test that will bring together both popular triathletes and great stars of the Triathlon, for more information:

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