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María Pujol will debut at the Seville Marathon

The triathlete will debut in her first marathon, the next 17 in February, and has the goal of getting off the 3 hours.

The 35th edition of the Sevilla Marathon, will undoubtedly have a special look for María Pujol, a Sevillian athlete who has inherited the essence of a test that, in the city where she was born, her mother carried out in 1985, the year in which the first Marathon of the capital of Andalusia was officially held.

The triathlete sevillana several times champion of Spain Triathlon and Cross Triathlon and winner of multiple high level events in our country has decided to participate in the marathon of Seville, where he will debut in the distance.

We asked her how she decided to participate in the distance, her feelings and specific preparation for the test.

How did you decide to participate in this distance?

"After talking about it with my coach Javier Sola, we have focused the first part of the season on running the marathon, also since I don't know how long I will be training at this pace and I want to take advantage of it to live the experience of the 42 km. "

Regarding your preparation

"I have not stopped cycling and swimming, but running is fundamental. I have to combine the specific training of the marathon with work and sometimes I simply do the training that I have marked for the race, with 4 weekly sessions and a maximum of 85 km per week. "

My idea is to get out of the 3 hours, but I know it's difficult

"Muscularly I feel good and it is a new challenge and a motivation to continue there wanting to do sports at the highest level that my day to day allows. I also go back to my origins, since I started as an athlete at 10 years old.

My idea is to get out of the 3 hours, but I know it's difficult, since they have to give the perfect conditions"

His mother, the inspiration of Maria.

His mother, is the main reason why Maria Pujol, has decided to take momentum and turn around the first part of the season, debuting in the distance of Philippi, after 15 years dedicated almost exclusively to the world of triathlon.

His mother Charo Pérez , was the First woman to participate in the marathon of Seville in the 1985 year and is sharing with Maria the preparation of the marathon accompanying her with the bicycle.

Charo, single mother with 3 children, he has been good at sports all his life, "The training for the marathon I did going and seeing running to the hospital where I worked. " María tells us. " The sport instilled it from small to all"

And the rest of the season?

"After recovering from the marathon, I will return to the medium distance, which I will start in the Spanish Medium Distance Cup in Seville and then I will focus on the Spanish Medium Distance Championship in October, although I will participate in some other event on the calendar. "

In this very special edition of the Seville Marathon, which marks the twentieth anniversary of the victory of Abel Antón in that 1999 World Athletics Championships, María wishes to feel the warmth of the public and the love of her land during the 42.195 meters of the route.

More information about María Pujol on her website http://mariapujol.com/

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