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Marino Vanhoenacker sweeps the Ironman of Austria.Iván Raña third

Today it was held in the Austrian town of Klagenfurt the Ironman of Austria where we could see two of the fastest triathletes on the international scene.

Ivan Raña winner of last year and Marino Vanhoenacker who got the world record by completing the test in 7: 45: 58 were the favorites for the victory.

Andreas Giglmayr he was the first to get out of the water, followed very closely by Ivan Raña at 7 seconds and by Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, Marino Vanhoenacker to 10 seconds.

In the cycling sector, the Belgian demonstrated his great class by flying on his bicycle arriving at the T2 with more than 9 minutes of advantage over Michael Weiss and 21 about Iván Raña.

In the race on foot Marino started very strong as it was in time to regain the record of the race, running the first 21 kilometers in 1: 21. At this point Michael Weiss happened in second position with 18 minutes of disadvantage followed by a great Ivan Raña to 2 minutes that was getting closer and closer to the second place.

Marino Vanhoenacker He flew alone to the finish, winning the 27th edition of the Austrian Ironman with a time of 7: 48: 45 which means the fourth fastest time in Ironman history.

Ivan with a spectacular race reached Weiss with just a few kilometers to go, where they went together until the last kilometers.

Finally Michael Weiss (08: 06: 59) got second place, since he already got in 2011, followed by Iván Raña (08: 08: 25) in third final position.

Name Country Div Rank Finish
Vanhoenacker, Marino BEL 1 7:48:45
Weiss, Michael AUT 2 8:06:59
Rana, Ivan ESP 3 8:08:25
Plese, David BHR 4 8:17:54


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