Mario Mola Bronze in the European Duathlon

4 Spaniards in the Top 10

Good start to the season for the triple world triathlon champion Mario Mola in Italy, where he has competed in the Duathlon European Championships.

Today in Venice-Caorle (Italy) the Duathlon European Championship with a good presence of Spanish and European triathletes.

In the men's category, the victory in the event and the European title went to the Frenchman Benjamin Choquert with a time of 00: 48: 21 followed by Arnaud Dely (00: 48: 23) and by Spanish Mario Mola (00: 48: 24) in the third position.

In addition to Mola's bronze, the Spaniards have put in a great performance with two duathletes in the Top 10,   Javier Martín in fifth position and  Urko Herranz finishing in the 7th final place

The rest of Spaniards have finished in the following positions:

  • 12th Diego Mentrida
  • 22nd Ander Michelena
  • 23rd Sergio Latorre

Men's 10 Top

Position Name and Surname Time Country
1 Benjamin Choquert 00:48:21 FRA
2 Arnaud Dely 00:48:23 BEL
3 Mario Mola 00:48:24 ESP
4 Maxime Hueber-Moosbrugger 00:48:34 FRA
5 Javier Martin Morales 00:48:42 ESP
6 Nathan Guerber 00:48:55 FRA
7 Urko Herran Aguilar 00:49:03 ESP
8 Hugo Milner 00:49:10 GBR
9 Samuele Angelini 00:49:14 ITA
10 Hugo Figueiredo 00:49:22 BY

Mario Varo, fourth

In the female category the victory went to the French Marion legrand  with a time of 00: 54: 43.

The second place was for maurine ricour from Belgium (00:54:44), followed by Giorgia Priarone from Italy with 00:54:44.

Regarding the Spanish participation, María Varo was the best finishing in fourth place with a time of 00:54:49.

Marta Cabello, Marta Borbon Llorente y Martha Romance they also managed to complete the race, finishing in positions 15, 19 and 20 respectively.

Top 10 female

Position Name and Surname Time Country
1 Marion legrand 00:54:43 FRA
2 maurine ricour 00:54:44 BEL
3 Giorgia Priarone 00:54:44 ITA
4 María Varo Zubiri 00:54:49 ESP
5 Sandrina Illes 00:54:52 TUE
6 Marion LeGoff 00:54:58 FRA
7 Lisa Perterer 00:55:00 TUE
8 Zsanett Bragmayer 00:55:12 HUN
9 Marta Bernardi 00:55:19 ITA
10 Asia Mercatelli 00:55:20 ITA

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