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Mario Mola «If there is no triathlon until September I will look for the minimum for the 5.000 Spanish Championship»

He achieved his personal best of 3.000 yesterday

Mario Mola he won yesterday in a 3.000-meter control organized by the Balearic Athletics Federation with a time of 8:07, achieving his personal best

After the victory (here you can see the video) Juan Carlos Higuero interviewed him asking about his immediate future

Confirmed that will participate in a 5.000 at the end of the month to try to get the minimum for the Spain Championship of the modality that will be played in the state of Vallehermoso (Madrid) on September 12 and 13.

In the interview he explains that everything It depends on the Triathlon calendar since it is your priority, But if the competitions are finally suspended, he will choose to compete on the track, a modality that he likes and has shown that he is good at it.

This is the full interview.

Part 1

Part 2

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