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Mario Mola closes season at The Island House Triathlon

 The double world champion ends his 2017 season by competing in the exclusive The Island House triathlon in the Bahamas.

 The next November 17 and 18 will be held the third edition of the The Island House Triathlon, a test that only 30 disputes of the best triathletes in the world, 15 men and 15 women.

 The competition is divided into three stages:

1ª Stage (Friday 17 in the morning)

Super Sprint Against Individual Clock

  • 7 km cycling
  • 2 km foot race
  • 200 m swimming

2ª Stage (Friday 17 in the afternoon)

Sprint Enduro

  • 2 km foot race
  • 375 m swimming
  • 10 km cycling
  • 2 km foot race
  • 375 m swimming
  • 10 km cycling
  • 1 km foot race

3ª Stage (Saturday 18)

Sprint chase

  • 750 m swimming
  • 20 km cycling
  • 5 km foot race

In the male category Mario Mola is one of the main favorites along with Richard Murray who defends last year's victory and Vicent Luis. It also highlights the presence of the current runner-up in the world of IM 70.3 Ben Kanute, as well as other great MD and LD specialists led by Sebastian Kienle y Terenzo Bozzone

 In the women Flora Duffy is the favorite along with Ashleigh Gentle and other ITU triathletes like Sarah True, Andrea Hewit o Racher Klamer. On the part of specialists in MD and LD Sara Crowley ,Emma Pallant y Holly Lawrence they are the most outstanding triathletes.

 Finally, remember that The Island House deals 500.000 dollars in prizes.

List of participants


  • Leanda Cave (GBR)
  • Sarah Crowley (AUS)
  • Flora Duffy (BER)
  • Ashleigh Gentle (AUS)
  • Lauren Goss (United States)
  • Andrea Hewitt (NZL)
  • Rachel Joyce (GBR)
  • Kristen Kasper (United States)
  • Alicia Kaye (USES)*
  • Rachel Klamer (NED)
  • Holly Lawrence (GBR)
  • Emma Pallant (GBR)
  • Ellie Salthouse (AUS) *
  • Sarah True (United States)
  • Katie Zaferes (United States)


  • Josh Amberger (AUS)
  • Sam Appleton (AUS)
  • Terenzo Bozzone (NZL)
  • Tim Don (GBR) *
  • Cam Dye (United States)
  • Leon Griffin (AUS) *
  • Ben Hoffman (United States)
  • Ben Kanute (United States)
  • Sebastian Kienle (GER)
  • Eric Lagerstrom (United States)
  • Vincent Luis (FRA)
  • Mario Mola (ESP)
  • Richard Murray (RSA)
  • Aaron Royle (AUS)
  • Henri Schoeman (RSA)

Further information: http://www.islandhousetriathlon.com/

 Photo: ITU

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