Mario Mola fourth in the Hamburg World Series

The victory has been for Jacob Birthwistle

After the victory of Non Standford in the women's event, it was the turn of the men's competition also on sprint distance.

As for the favorites they were on the starting line Mario Mola, second in Montreal where he was reunited with the sensations of competition, Fernando Alarza, world leader, Vicent Luis second in the ranking, Javier Gómez Noya, Alex Yee, Jonathan Brownlee, Henry Schoeman or the Montreal winner Jelle Geens among others.

As for the rest of the Spaniards participating in the test, they will be Antonio Serrat and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón who debuts in a WTS

The test started at 16: 30 hours with the 750 swimming meters with neoprene where a cut was made in the first buoy, starting first was Richard Varga, one of the fastest on the circuit, two seconds ahead of Jonas Schomburg and Mark Devay. Vicent Luis was 11th at 10 seconds, Mola 23rd to 17, Noya 31st to 20, Alarza 33rd to 20 and Serrat 34th to 21 seconds.

In the first kilometers of the cycling sector, the two groups were unified with all the favorites in the peloton of about 50 units. Although it was not raining, the asphalt was wet, so it was dangerous driving in a group as numerous as it was in the women's event, where the world leader Katie Zaferes Suffered a fall, losing all victory options.

In the second round, one fall of Alex Yee With chain start included, it left him a little behind (27 seconds) and although he tried to re-enter the group, he could not and he distanced himself from the peloton leaving him without options.

In the third round those who were ahead in the peloton suffered a fall, being involved Fernando Alarza , Roberto Sánchez Mantecón, Henry Schoeman o Jonathan Bronwlee among others, staying behind very late losing more than 1 minute.

Mario Mola, Gómez Noya, Antonio Serrat, Vicent Luis or Kristian Blummenfelt among others they were not involved and remained in the leading group.

Finally, the leading squad arrived stretched out at T2 with Mola in the lead, preparing for the decisive 5-kilometer race on foot. Roberto Sánchez, Henri Schoeman and Alex Yee reached 1:35 and Fernando Alarza at 2:29 with no options for the race.

In the first meters of the foot race, the German Jonas Schombur attacked, leaving in front trying to make a difference over the rest of the triathletes. However, little by little, the very stretched group with Jelle Geens in the lead caught up with him with 4 kilometers to go. At that moment the Belgian tried to leave with a strong acceleration, although he did not succeed.

During the first round the group of 9 units passed very close together with Mola, Noya, Luis, Geens, Van Riel, Wilde, Birthwistle, Bergere and Nieschalg. From that moment we saw how Mario took the lead, trying to break the group, leaving Noya and Nieschalg behind.

With 200 meters to go, Vicent Luis launched an attack, leaving with Birthwistle to fight for victory. In a spectacular end of the race Jacob Birthwistle got the victory followed by Vicent Luis y Jelle geens third. Mario Mola it has been fourth and Leo Bergere fifth.

Javier Gómez Noya has been eighth and Antonio Serrat 13 º Fernando Alarza It has been 45º and Roberto Sanchez Mantecón 47 º

Vicent Luis world leader Javier Gómez Noya second and Fernando Alarza third

With his second win at the WTS 2019, the French Vicent Luis  rise again to the first position of the world.

Javier Gómez Noya climbs to second place with 3.687 points and Fernando Alarza (3.282) drops one position to the third. Mario Mola (2.971) continues to climb positions and is already fifth.

2 tests remain, one in sprint distance and one in olympic

We remember that the score is based on adding the 5 best performances of the circuit and the position that is made in the Grand Final of Lausanne (Switzerland).

After the 6 test, everything is very open, and there are still two competitions to be played, one in sprint distance Edmonton (Canada) and another in Olympic with the Grand Final of Lausanne.

There are no previous results.

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