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Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza favorites for Abu Dhabi

With the absence of Javier Gómez Noya and the Brownlee brothers the triarmada part as a favorite



This weekend begins the 2016 Triathlon World Series where many will try to get the Olympic qualification. Unfortunately, yesterday we learned that Tamara Gómez You will not be able to opt for it because of a fracture in a vertebra.

Male test

The men will be the first to compete this Saturday 5 March to the 10: 00 AM Spanish time, where 6 of the 10 best triathletes in the Ranking will take the start. Mario Mola, Richard Murray, Fernando Alarza, Ryan Bailie , Crisanto Grajales o Joao Pereira son algunos de los que parten con opciones para la victoria ya que con la ausencia del Campeón Gómez Noya y de los hermanos Brownlee veremos una carrera muy abierta pero con claras opciones de victoria para Mario Mola.  Mario consiguió el año pasado el mejor registro de carrera a pie en una distancia olñipica, recorriendo los 10 km en un tiempo de 28:59

Javier Gómez Noya Mario Mola already have the Olympic seat insured

The ITU has reserved the dorsal number 1 as a tribute to the triathlete Laurent Vidal , died last year from a heart attack.
Fernando Alarza tells us in statements to Triathlon News "The truth is I'm great, I'm in a very good state, the trainings these months have been great and in recent weeks we have found that we are at a good level. I hope to have a great race on Saturday, we have worked very well this winter and I think we can do it very well. "

Male start list

Female test

At 13: 00 hours (Spanish time) on Saturday will be the turn for women, where the absence of Gwen Jorgensen, the great dominator of the circuit last year, where 7 won victories in 7 tests in which I participate.

The Spanish triarmada comes with Tamara Gomez's last minute loss, however we can see at the start Ainhoa ​​Murua, Carolina Routier y Miriam Casillas in the fight for points for Rio.

As for the favorites we can see Rachel Klamer, Flora Dufy, Sara True, Katie Zaferes or the current Olympic champion Nicola Spirig among others.

Female start list

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Photo: Delly Carr / ITU :: 2014 ITU World Triathlon Chicago

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