• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza Javier Lluch and Antonio Serrat the triathletes of the BH Bikes for the 2019

This year the brand Javier Lluch and Antonio Serrat are incorporated

In the DNA of BH the competition is recorded. Reaching the elite of each and every one of the sports in which BH has involvement is one of the reasons that motivate the entire brand to continue improving and improving its products day after day. Triathlon is one of the modalities that best reflects the effort and commitment of the company in supporting professional athletes.

9 years ago that was bet by two athletes who, by then, were young promises with a huge projection. It was decided to support triathletes who were looking for their way to the top of the world sport. And the bet could not go better.

9 years Mario Mola y Fernando Alarza they are a symbol of professionalism, dedication, passion and sacrifice. They transmit the best values ​​that can be associated with sport and are a source of inspiration for thousands of followers. They have become world leaders in their sport and pride for BH. In the best example, the brand considers elite athletes a pillar in their communication strategy and that being in the best races in the world is essential for BH

Now it's time to start a new cycle.

To continue alongside those who have already reached the top and spread the image of BH throughout the world. But also give that same opportunity to young talents who follow in their footsteps. Javier Lluch and Antonio Serrat they are the triathletes of the future for the brand. The new names that BH wants to accompany in their struggle to reach the triathlon elite.

Javier Lluch He has already been a junior world champion. Antonio Serrat he has made his mark in the sub-23 category achieving silver in the Mediterranean Games and a second position in the Weihai World Cup. It is the immediate future of the national triathlon. Their names will sound, and much, in the coming seasons. BH will be at your side.

For BH, betting on elite competition goes far beyond a simple image theme. It means creating a relationship that helps the brand to progress, to improve products and to have the opinion of those who know how to squeeze the material. Nobody appreciates more any improvement in our bicycles, any aerodynamic gain, any increase in stiffness or any weight reduction than professional athletes.

The information provided by those who are able to take the material to the limit is invaluable when it comes to designing BH bicycles. The improvements introduced in our models are infinity from the "feedback" received by our athletes. A role in which they are irreplaceable.

In BH, while we enjoy the heroes of the present that already shine in the elite, we prepare ourselves to support the athletes that will make us enjoy in the future. Not only in triathlon. In mountain bike this 2019 starts a new project of international stature by the hand of the Olympic medalist Carlos Coloma, and with the important implication of young promises as Rocío del Alba García and Josep Durán. BH also has presence in more extreme modalities, stepping on the podiums of the Enduro World Series with the Miranda BH Gravity Team.
In road cycling we have the professional team Arkéa-Samsic, with stars the likes of Warren Barguil and the newcomer André Greipel. As with the Burgos-BH with more than 35 years of history in the peloton. In addition to supporting amateur teams, such as the powerful and historic Froiz supermarkets or Cafes Baqué, which will pass the future professionals of our country. In women's road cycling BH is part of the Bizkaia-Durango, its global showcase within this category that year after year gains in quality and repercussion.

Support the elite and care for the quarry, two pillars of BH's philosophy of competition

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