Mario Mola ends his stay in Lanzarote

After four intense weeks of concentration in Lanzarote, Mario Mola returns from the island with the batteries charged for the first tests of the season.

Preparation and competitions become essential to be able to compete in London. “After having already added several months of good training and having enjoyed almost absolute continuity in this very important high school, we already feel close to the first tests of the season and almost involuntarily we demand a little more each day with the desire and ambition to arrive in the best possible state for the next and imminent months of competition that will decide, after a few "little trips" around the world, who deserves to be in the Olympic Games", Mario points out in on the web.

At the moment the sensations are good however the triathlete sponsored by BH knows that he has to keep working hard. "With our minds traveling from time to time to the starting line where our competitive period this year will begin, the Mooloolaba World Cup (March 24 - Australia), we do not rest or slacken in the work of consolidating a swimming that allows us to show our "best version" on foot. In this sense, the accumulation of great sessions during the last weeks fills us with optimism and convinces us, in turn, that we are traveling on the right path, or at least we are not deviating too much from it”.


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