Mario Mola wins the World Series of Yokohama. Fernando Alarza third

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Mario Mola gets his first win this season and Fernando Alarza climbs for the first time to the podium with a third place. Antonio Serrat with a great career finished in the eleventh position.

After the female test, where Flora Duffy has achieved victory, the men's event has been disputed, where we had the presence of Mario Mola that came out with the number 1, Fernando Alarza y Antonio Serrat.

The test began at 6 in the morning with the 1.500 meters of swimming over two laps, where Richard Varga was the fastest starting in the lead followed by the group with Dmitry Polyanskiv at 1 second and by Matthew Hauser at 2. Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza came out together seconds and Antonio Serrat 15 seconds from the head.

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