Mario Mola wins in Edmonton and gets his fourth victory this year

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With this victory Mario Mola has achieved the highest number of victories in a WTS sprint race with 6 wins beating Jonathan Brownlee with 5.

After the women's event disputed tonight, where Flora Duffy has achieved victory, it was the turn of the boys with the participation of Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, who was taking the start with some gastrointestinal problems, Javier Gómez Noya y Vicente Hernández as a Spanish representation in the test.

Among the favorites were the British Jonathan Brownlee unable to participate in Hamburg due to a magnesium deficiency, the South African Richard Murray,  Jacob Birtwhistle second in Hamburg, Vicent Luis, Joao Pereira o Richard Varga among others.

The test began at 23:06 (Spanish time) where the first to get out of the water was Richard Varga followed by a group formed by Vicent Luis, Aaron Royle and Jonathan Brownlee at 3 seconds. Mario Mola came out at 22 seconds, Javier Gómez Noya at 23, Vicente Hernández at 29 and Fernando Alarza at 35.

In the first meters of cycling, a group of 10 units was formed with Jonathan Brownlee, Richard Varga and Vicente Luis without the Spaniards, who started a little behind in T2 at more than 20 seconds. In the passage through the first lap of the segment, the leading group surpassed the chasing group in 15 seconds where were Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola, Fernando Alarza, Chente, Richard Murray or Blummenflet among others, although they finally hunted the leading group before going through the second round.

 In the rest of laps, we saw the Spaniards at the head of the group, avoiding possible falls in a technical and demanding circuit. Finally they all arrived together at the T2 where a rapid transition was made with Vicent Luis in the lead, the 5 km of running started, where Fernando Alarza was a bit behind in the transition.

Where in the first meters a group formed with Mario Mola, Jonathan Brownlee, Javier Gómez Noya, Richard Murray, Fernando Alarza and Vicente Hernández, who promised emotion until the end, due to the high quality of the triathletes.

In the first round a group formed with Noya, Mola, Murray and Brownlee, while Fernando Alarza was progressing positions behind.      

Knowing that Noya does not dominate the tests in this distance, he was in charge of accelerating the pace seeking to tire his opponents, so that later Mario Mola accelerated the pace by picking up his groupmates and leaving a few meters ahead, although the Australian Jacob Birthwistle in a spectacular acceleration he overtook Mola, although a few meters ahead he headed towards the goal, although there was a lap left, making it clear that this attack did so since he thought they were the last meters of the test.

At that moment, Mario Mola he was cutting distance to reach him in the absence of 1, 2km goal and leaving alone to get the final victory in a time of 54: 41 getting his fourth victory this season, which means he has won in the last 4 tests he has competed , securing himself a bit more as leader of the circuit and establishing himself as the great favorite to get the world title in the absence of 3 tests.

 Jacob Birthwistle (55: 01) was the second in goal followed by Richard Murray (55: 06) occupying the third position. Jonathan Brownlee it was fourth and Javier Gómez Noya sixth. Fernando Alarza finished in ninth place and Vicente Hernández the twenty-fifth.


Atelta Country Time
Mario Mola  ESP 0:54:51
Jacob Birtwhistle  AUS +00:00:1000:55:01
Richard Murray  RSA +00:00:1500:55:06
Jonathan Brownlee  GBR +00:00:2300:55:14
Raphael Montoya  FRA +00:00:2800:55:19
Javier Gomez Noya  ESP +00:00:3300:55:24
Pierre Le Corre  FRA +00:00:3700:55:28
Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR +00:00:4000:55:31
Fernando Alarza  ESP +00:00:4500:55:36
Grant Sheldon  GBR +00:00:4800:55:39
Vicente Hernandez  ESP +00:01:5300:56:44


Record of victories

With this victory Mario Mola has become the triathlete with the most victories in a sprint race, with 5 victories, followed by Briton Jonathan Brownlee with fourth.

Mario Mola Leader of the World Ranking

 The ranking is still dominated by Mario Mola with 3.664 points, followed by Fernando Alarza with 3.172 and Javier Gómez Noya with 2.990

ITU Edmonton Ranking

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