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Mario Mola «I reached a level of muscular overload that in the end prevented me from performing at my maximum level»

Mola arrives as seventh of the world championship in Hamburg after second place in Montreal

In a newspaper interview sports world, Mola comments on how he faces the world series in Hamburg, after the second place achieved in Montreal.

The performance harvested in Canada has been the return to the level he had at the beginning of the season where he won the WTS in Abu Dhabi.

As he comments, his bad performances have been mainly due to an overload of muscle, which have been noticed especially in the three tests on Olympic distance that he has played, Bermuda, Yokohamay Leeds.

Mola, arrive seventh of the World Cup that can be put back very favorable to the German town of Hamburg, which this Saturday hosts the sixth round of the championship, in sprint distance, in a setting in which it has won the last three seasons.

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I am happy, above all, for having returned to compete at a good level. It is also true that the training sessions of the last few weeks have returned to normal again.

So I am enjoying the competition again and I hope I can have a good race here.

What do you expect from a race that takes place in a place where, coincidentally, the winner of the last three years is called Mario Mola?

(laughs) Well, the goal is always the same, of course: to fight to be as far ahead as possible. But the rest of the rivals also have that goal, so it will not be easy.

Anyway, for my part, I'm going to leave with that mentality and, for better or for worse, the race is already putting you on your site.

Is the fourth victory in a row possible in Hamburg? Will he leave this Saturday with a 'poker' of wins here?

We are going to try, we are going to try (laughs). I competed well in Montreal and hope to do well here. Obviously I wish I could have trained more in recent months, but the reality is the reality

This season is important, but the next will be even more so, right? There are the Tokyo Games.

I think that if one season had to have a bad race and a moment of reflection, this was undoubtedly due to the proximity we already have with the 2020 Games.

And of course I would like to be further ahead in the World Cup qualification and have more options to compete in the championship, but it is true that perhaps everything I have learned in recent months is more valuable than what good racing can bring you. to get.

So now the main thing is to be competing at the best possible level in the next races; and I hope to get to the Tokyo Games in the best possible conditions.

The truth is that it has accustomed us badly, with so many victories; But what exactly happened to him at those Bermuda, Yokohama and Leeds races?

The truth is that for the last five or six years I have been able to compete 99 percent for nine or ten months during all those years without having had any setback.

It was not normal and this is sport; and the one who more or the less, always has injuries, discomforts or problems that can affect him; and that they deprive you of being at your best level.

I did not have any injuries, but I reached a level of muscle overload that ultimately prevented me from performing at my highest level. And in a world championship you have to be one hundred percent. This marked me especially in swimming, especially in that second lap; in which I suffered more and more. And this ended up projecting later to the bike and to the running race.

He always had a tone of very high muscular tension; but the line between going from that to injury is very fine. And I wasn't aware of it until Yokohama, with Leeds almost on top.

I made a little break, to try to recover; and until the last moment I weighed the opportunity to go to Leeds, alone. But since it was an opportunity to try not to get off the championship; And, being physically well, I didn't get in the shape of form necessary to fight for something in a race as tough as Leeds.

The result did not come out. But at least I can't blame myself for not trying.

Did you become concerned?

No, although at first, in the first races, he did not know why. If you are injured, you know you are and you cannot compete. But in my case it is not something that will happen overnight. I was coping as best I could. I was confident that the muscles would recover, but the break was not enough and I did not get well to those races.

But the change in the past four weeks has been so great that we already know what the problem was. And I am very happy.

Where to see the Hamburg WTS live?

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