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Mario Mola devastates Moodoolaba

Mario Mola starts the season in an unbeatable way. Fernando Alarza gets a TOP 10

Mario Mola The season has kicked off in style, with an impressive victory in the 2014 ITU World Cup that took place this March on 15 in the Australian town of Mooloolaba. Along with him, the rest of Spaniards have also reaped great performances in Australian lands, highlighting the seventh place Fernando Alarza and the fourteenth of Vicente Hernández.

Disputed on sprint distance, the Australian test has opened this edition of the ITU World Cup. From the beginning, Mola was postulated as one of the favorites to the final triumph. The Balearic has left swimming in the first positions, a few seconds from the first, the American Tommy Zaferes; demonstrating its clear progress in this segment. At his side, untied Vicente Hernández, who has also made a remarkable competition.

The American would be the first to leave the T1, followed by the French Vidal and Hauss, Mola, and the Australian Aaron Royle. On the other hand, Joao Silva and Richard Murray were placed to 10 seconds of them.

During the first round of the cycling segment the American Ben Kanute and the local Jesse Featonby dominated the race, with a large chasing pack in which Mola, Vicente Hernández and Pablo Dapena were on the verge of hunting them. Mediated the 20 km cyclists sector, the leading group was already comprised of some 55 triathletes. Although 15 km passed Bryce McMaster and Ben Kanute were ahead with an advantage of 8 s over the large head squad that included the Spaniards.

At the entrance to the T2, the Australians Ryan Fisher and Brendan Sexton led the large platoon, were ahead of intense 5 km of running. After the first of the four laps, Mola and Murray took the lead, and the sector won an 23 advantage over their top rivals Sven Riederer, Hauss and Thomas Bishop. Behind, Alarza and Vicente Hernandez marched between the Top-20, with the triathlete of Talavera de la Reina advancing positions. While Ricardo Hernández and Pablo Dapena marched somewhat further behind.

At the start of the third round, the Spaniard got a slight advantage of 4 seconds, which would be decisive in the final result. After a magnificent run on foot, Mola would cross the finish line in first position to proclaim himself champion of this first round of the 2014 World Cup. 19 seconds came the South African Murray in second place, while the Swiss Sven Riederer signed the bronze medal to 50 second of the Mallorcan.

The rest of Spaniards also offered meritorious performances, with Fernando Alarza coming back up to seventh place, and Vicente Hernández achieving the 14ª, entering the Top-20. After them Ricardo Hernández was classified in 33º place and Pablo Dapena in 44ª position.

At the conclusion of the test, Mola stated that "The test was perfect for me. I was surprised by my swimming today. I felt very good from the first moment I entered the water, so that gave me confidence and it was an impulse during the race on foot to continue with all my strength and energy ... and I could not be happier. "

About his great rival in today's test, Mario pointed out that "Richard (Murray) is a great runner, so I gave everything I had in the third round, because I knew I would find a gap that would be enough to get the first place". On his next challenges the Balearic said that "From now on I will continue to focus on training and I look forward to participating in the New Plymouth Triathlon ITU World Cup next week".

Point and final to the first test of great international relevance of the season, which has had a remarkable demonstration of the Spanish triathletes.

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