Mario Mola ninth in the final of the 5.000 meter Spanish Championship

Has competed at a great level

Today in the State of Vallehermoso in Madrid the end of the 5.000 meters on the track where he has participated in 3 times World Champion Mario Mola.

Mario who got the minimum in Castellón with a time of 13:41 he reached the final with the 7th fastest time.

Yesterday another triathlete, Joselyn Brea got second place in the final.

The test from the beginning Juan Antonio Pérez, attacked as soon as he started by leaving alone.

However, with a soft start, Mario in the last places of the group, he was located on the outside and began to climb positions to get first and accelerate the group through the 2.000 meters.

Finally in an attack on the last lap Abdessamad Oukhelfen got the victory with 13: 47.26, followed by Ouassim Oumaiz  (13: 48.08) and by Fernando Carro (13: 49.88) in third position.

Mario Mola has been ninth with a time of 14: 01.37

Mario Mola after competing in the 5.000
Mario Mola after competing in the 5.000

Post-race statements by Mario Mola


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