Mario Mola becomes "the King" of Sprint distance

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In the past WTS of Edmonton Mario Mola achieved his 8ª victory in sprint distance races in world series becoming the triathlete with more triumphs in this distance.

After winning for the third time in Hamburg we made an article where we counted that Mario Mola had gone down for the third time from 14 'in the final segment of a WTS o WC sprint distance. We also mentioned that he had broken the 15 barrier 'in the final five kilometers 20 times ... that they are 21 after winning in Edmonton this last weekend.

With the victory of Hamburg Mario Mola achieved his 7º triumph in distance sprint in WTS, surpassing the 6 of Jonny Brownlee and becoming the triathlete with the most sprint triumphs in ITU tests of the highest category. His reign in the distance was extended, to 8 victories after winning in Edmonton.

Javier Gómez Noya He is considered the best triathlete in history in Olympic distance (and is on his way to being so in medium distance) and Mario Mola possibly the best sprint distance where at the moment he is already the triathlete with the most triumphs in WTS.

Photos: ITU

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