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Mario Mola second in the Montreal World Series

Fernando Alarza becomes world leader

After the American Katie Zaferes have achieved what has been their fourth victory of the season, it was the boys' turn, with Javier Gómez Noya 5 times world champion, Fernando Alarza, third in the World ranking, Mario Mola 3 times world champion consecutively top, Vicente Hernández and Antonio Serrat.

With the absence of the leader Vicent Luis, the test had many options so that both Fernando Alarza as well as in Javier Gómez Noya try to get the victory and the first place in the world. The opponent to beat was the South African Henri Schoeman which is second in the ranking with 73 points of advantage over Alarza and 106 over Noya.

The start of the competition had to be brought forward due to the threat of a strong electrical storm.

The test, which was held over sprint distance, started with the 750-meter swim where the first to emerge from the water was the South African. Henri Schoeman, one of the best swimmers on the circuit, leaving 2 seconds ahead of Richard Varga and 6 seconds over the rest of the group, who was very stretched, Noya started in 11th to 12th seconds, Chente 14th to 14th, Mola 18th to 18th, Serrat 20th to 19 and Alarza 24º to 21.

Henri Schoeman He received a 10 second penalty by pre-riding the bike at the transition mount point, which could decide the race.

At the start of the 20 kilometer cycling sector, the peloton quickly merged with all the favorites after it had broken down in the transition to cycling. The good news is that we could see Mario Mola in the leading group with good feelings along with the rest of the Spaniards where Antonio Serrat stood out pulling the group several times.

The group was unified and rolled very fast throughout the segment, suffering several falls among its members, with a strong wind from the approaching storm.

Finally, they all came together with Noya in the lead to face the last exciting 5 kilometers of foot race

In a quick transition Jelle Geens, Richard Murray and Kristian Blummenfelt came out very fast with a few meters advantage over the rest of the runners.

Behind Mario Mola, Javier Gómez Noya, Tyler Mislawchuk and Fernando Alarza were gradually going up positions to reach the leading 3,8 km to the finish. At this time Mola began to shoot in the lead trying to go off-hook to his companions, the first to go down was Alarza and then Noya.

The group of 4 stayed together until the last kilometer where we finally saw an exciting sprint with Jelle Geen y Mario Mola finishing the Belgian first and the Spanish second. Tyler Mislawchuk has been third, Fernando Alarza 6º and Javier Gómez Noya 9th. Antonio Serrat It was 15th. Vicente Hernández has not finished the test

1 Jelle Geens 00: 53: 49
2 Mario Mola 00: 53: 50 + 00: 00: 02
3 Tyler Mislawchuk 00: 53: 53
4 Richard Murray 00: 53: 58
5 Kristian Blummenfelt 00: 54: 02
6 Fernando Alarza 00: 54: 05
7 Matthew Hauser 00: 54: 09
8 Bence Bicsák 00:54:16
9 Javier Gomez Noya 00: 54: 24
10 Jacob Birtwhistle 00: 54: 31

Fernando Alarza leader and Javier Gómez Noya third in the World Cup

With the second place achieved today, Fernando Alarza rises to the first place in the world ranking with 3.282 points, beating the second classified Vicent Luis by 82 points, with one less race,. Javier Gómez Noya climbs to third place with 3.108 and Mario Mola is already seventh with 2.293 points

The next appointment of the WTS will be in Hamburg (Germany) next Saturday also on sprint distance.

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