Mario Mola second in the Leeds World Series

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The South African Richard Murray has returned to the podium of a World series, not from 2015.

After the female test where Vicky Holland has achieved victory, it was the turn for the men's test where we had 3 Spanish in the test. Mario Mola world leader Cesc Godoy y Antonio Serrat.

He stressed the absence of the oldest of the Brownlee brothers, Alistair, which could not repeat the double achieved by the British in the last two years in this test. They were too baja Fernando Alarza that was third last year and of Chente who is injured

The test started with the 1.500 meters of swimming where Richard Varga, one of the best swimmers of the circuit, was the fastest coming out first in a very large group. Cesc Godoy was eighth in 8 seconds and Mario Mola left behind to 14 seconds of the first in the water and Serrat to 34.

Quickly in the first kilometers of the cycling sector, a group in the lead of 12 units was formed, where they were Jonathan Brownlee, Henri Schoeman, Vicent Luis or Pierre Le runs among others, surpassing in 35 seconds the chasing group where Mario Mola, Blummenfelt or Richard Murray among others.  

Little by little the chasing group was closing distances to reach them after the middle of the segment. Finally the group of 24 arrived next to T2 with Murray, Blummenfelt and Mola in the lead. Jonny Brownlee began to suffer stomach discomfort in the last kilometers of the sector, reaching T2 1 minute behind. Antonio Serrat entered the group while Cesc Godoy got off the bike in 41st position

Entering all together, the opponent to beat was Mario Mola, the best runner of the World Series, however Richard Murray from the beginning attacked trying to leave alone followed by Mola, Le Corre and Vicent Luis, taking advantage of 10 seconds in the passage through the first round.

Mario Mola in foot race

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