Mario Mola 7º in the first stage of the Jersey Super League Triathlon

Vicent Luis and Cassandre Beaugrand have won the first stage of the Jersey Super League. 

Today the first stage of the Super League of triathlon in Jersey, with the Tripe Mix test, three rounds with three triathlons changing the order of the sports with 10 minutes of rest between each of them. 

The 1 round It consisted of 300 m of swimming, 6 km of cycling and 2 km of race. The victory was for Henry ShoemanFollowed by Kristian Bluemmenfelt, Vicent Luis y Jonny Brownlee. Mario Mola It was seventh.

The 2 round they were 2 km of race, 6 of cycling and 300m of swimming. The triumph was for Vicent LuisFollowed by Henry Shoeman Third arrived Richard Murray, fourth Jonny Brownlee and who Bluemmenfelt. Mario Mola It was sixth.

Last the 3 round started with 6 km of cycling, 300m of swimming and 2 km of running. In the first two stages the exit was made in mass, while the third was as a pursuit, were taking the exit in the same order as the sum of times of the first two rounds.

The first to reach the goal would be the winner of this first stage. Vicent Luis was the first after the 6km of cycling, followed a few seconds by Bluemmenfelt, Shoeman and Murray. After the 300m of swimming Luis y Shoeman they left alone, with Jonny y Bluemmenfelt to 20 seconds. Finally, Vicent Luis he was the fastest running and he took the victory in the first stage of the Super League.

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