Mario Mola is still the King of the Sprint

He has gone down 3 times of the 14 minutes in the 5 km of a Sprint and has achieved 14 victories in the elite category

The Balearic triathlete,  Mario Mola, has returned to the World Series in style, since after the victory achieved yesterday in Abu Dhabi, first appointment of the circuit, has added his 14º gold in this distance in elite category. With a time of 52: 00, it was his fifth best position achieved in a sprint triathlon.

Mario with these times is still "The King of the Sprint”And the rival to beat in the next tests, since he holds a record that no one has achieved, losing 3 times of the 14 minutes in the 5 km of running in a Sprint triathlon. Yesterday he did 14:00 with what Mola is at the best level in this segment.

Mola has got lower 3 times of the 14 minutes in the 5 kilometers of the running race, in addition has downloaded 23 times of the 15 minutes, which makes him the best runner in this distance. Yesterday I did it at 14:00 p.m.

His best brands have been in Hamburg 2015 (13: 55),  Mooloodaba 2014 (13: 55) and Hamburg 2018 (13: 59) which should be added from the Abu Dhabi with 14: 00.

The best time of Mario in a Sprint triathlon was in 2014 in the London test where he got the gold with 49: 46.

In yesterday's test we saw how Alex Lee y Fernando Alarza, they also stayed close to 14:00 where the Briton completed the 5 km in 14:07 and Fernando Alarza in 14:18 getting the 3 best times of the test and also the medals.

There are no previous results.

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