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Mario Mola Top 10 in the Cross of Venta de Baños

The triple world champion Mario Mola, as he has been doing for several seasons, continues to compete in the Cross category in high-level events in Spain.

After the tests of Aranda de Duero y Alcala de Henares, where he finished sixth and second respectively, yesterday he put on a number again in the International Cross Sales of Bathrooms.

This competition, one of the most important at the national level, was attended by high-level athletes.

The victory went to the African Rodrigue Kwizera with a time of 34:06. second was Abdessamad Oukhelefen to 18'' and third Adeel Mechaal and 35.

Mario Mola finished in 9th final position, staying 50'' from the podium

Top 10 Cross Sale Bathrooms 2022

P. Dorsal Name Last name T.DE LIC LIC Club YEAR WEATHER
1 1001 Rodrigue kwizera EXT. CASTELLON BEACHES 1999 00:34:06
2 1006 Abdessamad Oukhelfen Ben Haddou NAC CT22242 NIKE RUNNING 1998 00:34:24
3 1003 Adel Mechaal NAC CT18407 NEW BALANCE TEAM 1990 00:34:42
4 1011 Abderrahmane Aferdi EXT. MOROCCO 1994 00:35:00
5 1014 Abdennasser Oukhelfen Ben Haddou NAC CT20242 UNICAJA JAEN 1993 00:35:27
6 1007 David bascuñana corrales NAC SO3311 MENORCA CAUG CLINIC 1995 00:35:39
7 1010 Miguel Barzola Estevez EXT. A11654 CA APOL-ANA TOTUM 1982 00:35:42
8 1012 George gonzalez rivera NAC EX4 EXTREMADURA CAPEX 1995 00:35:45
9 1008 Mario Mola Diaz NAC IB14344 (Islas Baleares) ADA BALD 1990 00:35:47
10 26 Miguel Baidal NAC A11803 CA MEAT SERRANO 2001 00:36:17

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