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Mario Mola and Anna Godoy win the first edition of ProTour

Today the semifinals and the final have been played

Today the first edition of the Pontevedra was held ProTour FETRI, a test with the best trialtetas of our country in a SuperSPrint qualifying format with semifinals and finals

Pontevedra turned to triathlon again and accompanied in the main competition zone more than 70 triathletes selected by the ITU Olympic ranking ranking, and the rankings of the Spanish Sprint and Olympic distance championships in 2019.

Together with the last Spanish World Champions, Mario Mola and Javier Gómez Noya, the first was Iván Raña, who could not overcome his semifinal, although he was still thousandths of Rubén Pereira, the last to enter the great ProTour end. If he managed to enter the final Ainhoa ​​Murúa, the only female of the national triathlon with four Olympic Games played.

In the men's event the final victory has been for Mario Mola, followed by Antonio Serrat y Javier Gómez Noya third.

Mola, got the victory in the final, in a double Super Sprint format (250 meters of swimming, 7,2 kilometers of cycling and 1,7 kilometers of running on foot).

The second classified has been Antonio Serrat and third a great Javier Gómez Noya who demonstrates his quality rendering at the highest level at any distance.

Fernando Alarza it was fourth while Roberto Sánchez Mantecón - that last August 31 was proclaimed world champion sub'23 in Lausanne (Switzerland) - finished in fifth position

In the female category, Anna Godoy He took the victory ahead of the New Zealand Anneke Jenkins and Carolina Routier.

Excitement to the end

The finals could not be more exciting, especially the feminine one, in which Anna Godoy took the victory in the same straight line and in a spectacular sprint with Anneke Jenkins, silver medal. Third was at the Carol Routier podium, after a great race in which they shared the leadership of the final with Sara Pérez Sala, finally fourth ranked.

Noya's male career with comeback

More excitement provided if the male career fits. Mario Mola and Antonio Serrat were always in leading positions with Fernando Alarza and the occasional national triathlon.

At the end of the first swim Javier Gómez Noya marched something off the leaders, but the five-time World Champion was able, once again, to get the best out of himself and trace up to the bronze medal, behind Serrat and A great Mola.

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