Marisol Casado hopes to reinforce the achievements of his mandate in favor of triathlon

The Spanish Marisol Casado, president of the International Triathlon Federation, intends to "reinforce the achievements" achieved in her term in case of being re-elected on October 23 as president of the International Triathlon Federation (ITU), she explained today to Efe.

Casado, who attended the World Series event in the city of Yokohama today, stressed that since she was appointed to lead the ITU in 2008, "the World Series has been consolidated, which is the engine," she said, "which is moving and I think that in the next four we can dedicate more resources to the development of triathlon”.

The Spaniard, who is also a member of the IOC, also highlighted that income from television broadcasts is increasing, especially in relation to the World Series, which is the main "big change" since 2008.

In this regard, he stressed that thanks to this good broadcast the ITU has received extraordinary benefits from its sponsor for the second consecutive year.

Casado will face South Korean Kyung-Sun Yu in next month's elections.

The Spaniard also appreciated other advances in recent years, such as the introduction of the triathlon in the Mediterranean Games that Tarragona will host in 2017, since this event constitutes "a very important development tool, especially for the countries of North Africa". .

Among its objectives is also the completion of the application campaign to include the Triathlon by mixed relay in the Olympic Games or continue with the reinforcement of the continental associations within the organization, which since 2008 have obtained more decision-making power and already distribute resources of more autonomous way.

Casado, who today thanked the Japanese federation for the support of the elections on October 23 in Auckland (New Zealand), also considered the inclusion of Paratriathlon in Yokohama for the first time "very important", whose tests will be held tomorrow.

In the "elite" tests held today, in the women's category, the Swedish Lisa Norden, second overall with one test remaining, and the Portuguese Joao Silva, who is tenth in the general classification, prevailed.

The Spaniard Javier Gómez, silver in London 2012, was second today and is also second in the general standings in the absence of the last test in Auckland next 20 in October. EFE

There are no previous results.

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