Marisol Casado can be part of the Executive Commission of the IOC

Marisol Casado, president of the International Triathlon Union and one of the three Spanish members of the IOC, have reasonable options to occupy this year or in 2013 a position on the Executive Committee of the Olympic bodya possibility that it would be "unconscious" to ignore, she considers, although she will not undertake "an active campaign" to force the process.


El presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Federaciones Olímpicas de Verano (ASOIF), el suizo Denis Oswald, cumple mandato en 2013, pero ya ha dimitido para permitir que su sustituto sea elegido el próximo mes de mayo en una asamblea que se celebrará en Quebec (Canadá). Oswald tiene una plaza ‘ex oficio’ en la Ejecutiva del COI y debe abandonarla en cuanto deje la presidencia de las federaciones.

Although there is room until May 7, the Italian Francesco Ricci Bitti, president of the Tennis International, is the only leader who has so far shown his colleagues his intention to preside over ASOIF. But during 2012 he turns 70 years old and will therefore cease to belong to the IOC, which would force him to elect another person to occupy the position of ASOIF in the Executive Commission of the IOC.

It is in this position that Marisol Casado could fit, who supports the option of Ricci Bitti for the presidency of the association of federations and wants the Italian to propose his candidate to represent them in the IOC Executive. It would probably be from 2013, although the deadlines for Oswald's departure are yet to be specified.

Casado admitted to the Efe agency that "in this move" she has "options" and that for her it would be "a great honor and an enormous responsibility" to sit on the main governing body of the IOC.

«My name, like that of Pat McQuaid (president of Cycling) sounds, logically, because I am on the Council (directive) of ASOIF, in which we are not so many presidents of federations. Someone else, like Vela's (the Swede Göran Petterson), is turning 70 and must leave the IOC. For one reason or another, I am well aware that a game is being played and that I carry many cards«Affirmed Casado.

«I am not in an active campaign"He stressed,"but not being alert would be unconscious".

Being a woman plays in favor of Casado - currently there are only two in an Executive of fifteen people - but she has against her youth as a member of the IOC, since she entered in 2010.

The renewal of the ASOIF representative in the IOC Executive coincides with a similar process in the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), whose president, Mexican Mario Vázquez Raña, is retiring this year as an Olympic member. Although it can continue to chair ANOC, this grouping must elect another spokesperson for the Executive.

The new members proposed to enter the Executive must, in any case, be ratified by the plenary assembly of the IOC, which this year is held on the eve of the London Olympic Games.

The Executive Committee, with the composition that will last until the London Games, meets today and tomorrow in Lausanne (Switzerland) to review the preparation of the next Games and review the work of its working groups.

Marisol Casado was included last week in the Commission of International Relations of the IOC, a decision of the president of the organization, the Belgian Jacques Rogge, which surprised her "pleasantly".

«I am very happy to have been included in this commission because it brings together a very strong group of IOC members. I really think that the commissions and other work that Rogge entrusts to us are tools that the president has to point out the peopleYes, "said Casado.

Another of the tasks of the Spanish leader in the coming months will be to support Madrid's Olympic candidacy for the 2002 Games, more intensely from May if the city, as expected, passes the first cut.

«Madrid has to focus a lot on the international campaign. He has the rest, as he has shown, passing the cut comfortably with the 2012 and 2016 projects. Getting votes is a very hard job and now, with three Spaniards in the IOC, the situation in principle is better than in the past", argument.

Casado considers that the condition of herself and José Perurena as presidents of international federations (triathlon and canoeing) is «double-edged weapon»In his work in favor of the candidacy.

«On the one hand we are very busy, we have little time, but on the other we have permanent contact with many IOC members. The time we dedicate to the candidacy will be a time of warmthd », he stressed.

«But we need a very clear coordination from Madrid 2020«He added. «If we are able to work together, we will be successful".

Istanbul, Baku, Doha and Tokyo are Madrid's rivals for the Games venue.


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