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Mark Allen suffers mishap while surfing in Puerto Rico

To the six-time Full House champion Kona Ironman from Hawaii his surfboard broke and he had to brave the strong waves to reach the shore.

The famous triathlete Mark Allen, six times champion of the Ironman Kona of Hawaii, suffered a mishap on the beach of El Escambrón when his surfboard broke and he had to brave the strong waves to reach the shore.

His fellow triathlete Javier Bosque clarified to El Nuevo Día that at no time was Allen missing as the rumors said.

“(Allen) is resting from triathlons and is dedicated to surfing. He broke his board and swam out,” Bosque said.

In Bosque's opinion, the confusion surrounding the disappearance of the triathlete arose after several bathers saw him submerge and not come out of the water, for which they alerted the Police.

“Mark Allen is an everyday surfer, he's used to that. He had full control of the situation, ”Bosque explained.

That same morning another surfer had also been reported missing and may have been with Allen. However, Bosque clarified that they were not together.

Allen, a California resident, arrived in Puerto Rico last year to offer a series of conferences to young triathletes from the National Team as well as to the general public.

Today a strong wave warning was issued in the area due to a storm that is affecting weather conditions and could affect local maritime conditions until next Wednesday.


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