Marta Romance and Iván Gil win the Berlanga de Duero Duathlon

It was the last qualifier for the Spanish Championship

Martha Romance, of the CN Sabadell, and Iván Gil, from Diablillos de Rivas, prevailed in the Berlanga de Duero Duathlon, qualifier for the Spanish Duathlon Championship to be held next April in Avilés.

It was the second and last qualifier, with 30 places at stake in the elite men's and women's starts on routes of 5 kilometers of running, 20 kilometers of cycling and 2 kilometers in the final running race.

Marta Romancesand imposed in Berlanga with a time of 1:12:45, followed by Lauren Dickson, from the Tri Infinity Móstoles almost a minute away, and Martha Bourbon, from the Casablanca Mapei Stadium, almost three minutes away.

Lucía Vergara, from Cidade de Lugo Fluvial, and Tania Álvarez, from Ecosport Alcobendas, completed the top five positions.

Iván Gil achieved victory in the test with a record of 1:02:10, followed by Ander Michelena y Xavier Martin, both from Marlins Triathlon Madrid, just 11 seconds away.

Joanes Goitisolo, from Alusigma Peñota dental Portugaletekoa, and Alfonso Izquierdo, from the Soriano Triathlon, completed the first five places.


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