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Marta Sánchez Plata and Laura Gómez bronze at the European MD in Coimbra

Spain has won 3 medals in the the European Middle Distance Triathlon Championship held in COimbra where Antonio Benito got gold and Marta Sanchez won the silver and Laura Gomez He has taken the bronze.

Marta Sánchez came out of the swim in the lead and set the pace from the first moment and remained in the lead until the first kilometers of the run.

Marta Lagownik, recent winner of the Challenge Mogan, was cutting time on the Spanish to catch up with her around kilometer 5 of the foot race to finally take the victory and the championship. Second was Marta Sánchez followed by Laura Gómez.

Helene Alberdi achieved a creditable fifth position, consolidating a formidable result for Spain, with three of its athletes among the five best in Europe

Female classification

Job title Athlete Country Final time
1 Martha Lagownik POL 04:08:26
2 Marta Sanchez Hernandez ESP 04:12:24
3 Laura Gomez Ramon ESP 04:16:00
4 sarah sandrini ITA 04:16:24
5 Helene Alberdi Sololuze ESP 04:18:07
6 Katrien Verstuyft BEL 04:22:34
7 Nikola Corbova SVK 04:34:20
8 Gabrielė Garbauskaite LTU 04:47:22

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