Marten Van Riel and Taylor Knibb win the T100 San Francisco

The T100 San Francisco, the third event of the PTO T100, was held with the victory of Marten Van Riel y Taylor Knibb .

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The test was held in the Escape from Alcatraz, one of the most iconic tests in the United States

The third test of the T100 Triathlon World Tour saw an agonizing ending between Marten Van Riel y Kyle SmithWhile Javier Gómez Noya completed his return to the international scene.

From the beginning, the weather conditions and the particularity of starting from a boat in the middle of the waters surrounding Alcatraz, together with the rain and low temperatures, added an extra challenge.

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The first to get out of the water was Ben Kanute, four-time Escape from Alcatraz champion, along with Rich Bogen.

Behind, a group of outstanding triathletes such as mika noodt, Marten Van Riel, Javier Gómez Noya, Aaron Royle, Rudy von berg, Clement Mignon, Kyle Smith, Alistair Brownlee y menno koolhaas They followed closely.

Once on the bike, Kyle Smith, Marten Van Riel y Rich Bogen They formed a leading trio, with Smith demonstrating his specialization in this segment.

At the halfway point of the cycling course, the trio had a lead of 17 seconds over Clement Mignon, who had worked hard to reduce the distance.

Matthew Margirier, mika noodt, Rudy von berg and a penalty Sam long They followed closely. Unfortunately, Aaron Royle he was forced to withdraw.

As the segment progressed, the first nine triathletes reunified, while Gómez Noya lost ground and was left out of the fight for the top positions.

The foot race began with Kyle Smith taking the lead, with an advantage of almost 20 seconds in the first 2.5 kilometers. However, a mistake at a refreshment station cost him time, allowing Marten Van Riel it will come closer.

Shortly after, Rich Bogen He joined them, forming the definitive trio. In the last kilometers, the three fought for the lead without any of them being able to separate themselves from the others.

Finally the Belgian Marten Van Riel He managed to win in a spectacular final sprint. Kyle Smith took second place and Rich Bogen with the third.

Javier Gómez Noya finished in sixteenth position.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Marten Van Riel 3:18:21 -
2 Kyle Smith 3:18:21 + 00: 00.23
3 Rich Bogen 3:18:24 + 00: 03.16
4 Magnus ditlev 3:19:38 + 01: 17.09
5 mika noodt 3:19:43 + 01: 22.76
6 Matthew Margirier 3:19:51 + 01: 30.56
7 Rudy von berg 3:20:05 + 01: 44.51
8 Sam long 3:20:31 + 02: 10.64
9 Clement mignon 3:20:54 + 02: 32.97
10 Pieter Heemeryck 3:21:24 + 03: 03.36

In the female category, Taylor Knibb dominated the race with a time of 3:38:01, followed by Kat matthews (3: 41: 48) and Laura Philipp (3:45:07), who completed the podium.

The fourth position went to Imogen Simmonds (3:47:22) and the fifth for Emma Pallant Browne (3: 47: 56).

Top 10 female

Job title Athlete Final time Difference
1 Taylor Knibb 3:38:01 -
2 Kat matthews 3:41:48 + 03: 46.93
3 Laura Philipp 3:45:07 + 07: 05.89
4 Imogen Simmonds 3:47:22 + 09: 21.11
5 Emma Pallant Browne 3:47:56 + 09: 54.45
6 Paula Findlay 3:48:47 + 10: 46.08
7 Ashleigh Gentle 3:49:20 + 11: 18.86
8 India Lee 3:49:46 + 11: 44.72
9 Lotte Madsen 3:52:02 + 14: 00.90
10 Tamara jewett 3:52:49 + 14: 48.15

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