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Martín Fiz and Raquel Gómez heat up the pique of the Skechers north south

The athletes of Skechers Martín Fiz, captain of the North, and Raquel Gómez, captain of the South, have presented the eleventh edition of the race North South

The athletes of Skechers Martín Fiz, captain of the North, and Raquel Gómez, Captain of the South, have presented the eleventh edition of the North South race, that the next June 16 will be held in Madrid, heating up the traditional pique between both teams.

Which gives less than a month for the Skechers North South and the pique in the capital is going on. In the presentation of the race, which took place in the writing of sports newspaper Marca, the captains Martín Fiz (North) and Raquel Gómez (South) put the cards on the table. The 16 of June from the 9: 00 hours will be the eleventh edition of this duel, in which the two international athletes want to take their respective teams to victory in the Paseo del Prado.

The mythical marathon runner Martín Fiz wants to continue the winning streak. Since he captained the North, the Vitorian and his battle companions do not know the defeat. This year, with his lime green jerseys, they will try to prolong the winning inertia and achieve the third victory for the North, although he acknowledged that there is still a lot of work ahead of the North: "They will not give me the Legend Mark until I get the tie to 8 in the Skechers North South"Martin Fiz commented between laughs.

For its part, the Dombenitense Raquel Gómez seeks redemption. She has been the individual winner of the last two editions of the race, but the South does not know the victory under her captaincy. The international athlete, who returns after a long injury, is eager to show that she is fully recovered and elevate her team to the top of the podium in the Paseo del Prado. Although he recognized that in Skechers Norte Sur the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere, he was open to renouncing his personal glory: "I prefer to be second if the South can finally win", The captain of the South acknowledged in a relaxed tone.

The Skechers North South will be again a party with colorful and healthy chop in a very fast circuit. With the exit in the Mateo Inurria Street, it repeats the route of the past year with frenetic step by Pío XII, Serrano and Alfonso XII, and visits to the Door of Alcalá and Cibeles, to conclude in the Stroll of the Prado. An 10K homologado of very favorable profile, as it demonstrates the record of the test, that obtained in the past edition the athlete Sergio Salinero with 29: 21. There are plenty of incentives for the June 16 to achieve the objective of this edition, which is to reach the 9.000 runners.

Each and every one of the runners' times will count towards the final result of the battle: the best average net time at the finish line (Paseo del Prado) will determine who dominates the capital this year. This allows any runner, regardless of their level, to be a hero for a day. Because here any runner can be a champion! For the moment, the marker registers a 8-2 favorable to the South.

Training Day as preparation

And since we are in the final stretch for the Skechers North South, It was time to face one of the previous appointments that have become a classic. The Training Day of the Skechers North South The Skechers store in the Plaza Río 2 shopping center was the epicenter and 50 brought runners enrolled in an exclusive training program for Madrid Río.

image002-10 Martín Fiz and Raquel Gómez heat up the Skechers north north News Triathlon
Trainnig Day Skechers North South

With the company of captains Martín Fiz and Raquel Gómez, the participants got soaked with the advice of their mentors, tried the Skechers running shoes and did a complete training with warm-up, continuous running, stretching and strength and speed exercises to reach point to the South North Skechers. After the effort, moment of recovering strength with a victuals of champions and draw of two pairs of shoes among the participants.

This year the Training Day had no winner. Good vibes enveloped all the training, and the participating runners preferred to leave this initial duel in a draw. It is clear that the pique and his best cards have been saved for the 16 in June, when the #MadridSePica will have its peak moment from the 9: 00 hours at the exit of the Skechers North South from the Calle Mateo Inurria. Who will win this year? North or South?


Date: 16 June.

Time: 9: 00 hours.

Location: Madrid. Exit Calle Mateo Inurria.

Distance: 10 kilometers (homologated).

registration: 15 euros from that date or until exhausting dorsals.

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