Martín Fiz reveals his tricks to win the race 'Skechers Performance North Vs. South'

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A little more than a week into the race, the pique between the cheetahs of the South and the hawks of the North has reached such a level that, as you can see in the new announcement of the Skechers race, they are willing to almost everything to get the victory.

The 'Skechers Performance North vs. South'( reaches its tenth edition on next June 17 with the 'pique' between both teams at the top. The craving of the northern hawks and southern cheetahs to win this race in which the team wins with the best times of all its members, is only comparable to their desire to Enjoy a festive day in the center of Madrid with an extraordinary atmosphere among running enthusiasts, from the most experienced and fast to those who are still discovering it.

Therefore, Martín Fiz He has not hesitated to join this nod and participate in a ad full of humor where you discover some of the 'tricks' that both teams are putting into practice for try to tip the balance in your favor. Since the times of all the participants of each team are added ...

Why not convince the best specialists to defend your colors? How can the organization not believe that some very high Kenyan athletes are brothers (although only on the father's side) of Martin Fiz?

The 'Skechers Performance North Vs. South' returns one more year to its appointment, the next 17 in June, with the tenth edition -second in which Skechers is the main sponsor- of this spectacular challenge. The North, with Martin Fiz at the front, aspire to repeat the spectacular triumph of the ninth edition, in which they won their first victory after a long drought.

Los del Sur, with Raquel Gómez as captain, they have proposed to regain their title and show that this battle of 10 kilometers through the center of Madrid, in a circuit without equal, very fast and approved by the RFEA, is their property.

One more year, the mechanics of the race is simple: visits, you choose your team, you train for the appointment, you put on your shoes the June 17 and you throw yourself into the fight to travel the 10 kilometers of the race in the shortest possible time. For the victory!

Further information:  91 781 55 40


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