Martín Fiz, hospitalized with four broken ribs after being run over while training

Martín Fiz, marathon world champion at 1995, is admitted to the hospital in Txagorritxu, Alava, after being hit by a vehicle while training with a group of runners.

According to the television station Cuatro, Martín Fiz has suffered a run-over while training. As a result of the impact, he has four broken ribs and multiple injuries, according to hospital sources. The outrage occurred minutes after presenting a race in which he was to headline.

Martín Fiz, Spanish athlete and marathon world champion among other achievements, has been injured after being run over while training. The vehicle ran over him in the Adurza district of Vitoria.

After being hospitalized, medical tests have detected that he has four broken ribs and multiple injuries. Martín Fiz was run over a few hours after presenting 'Carrera de las Empresas de Bilbao 2018', a test where he was going to be headlining.

The investigation is open and the first reports indicate that the driver started his vehicle at the time when Fiz was about to cross a zebra crossing.

At 55, Martín Fiz is in top form and is the first veteran athlete to win the six great marathons in his category (New York, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo).


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