Martín Fiz, adds and continues .. new European record of 5.000 track meters for older than 55 years

He has also achieved the second best record in history in GGEE

 Martín Fiz has achieved this Saturday in Durango (Bizkaia) a new Europe record in the test 5.000 meters on track in the 55 seniors category of years. He has also achieved the second best record in history in GGEE

The veteran athlete from Vitoria got a 15 time: 32: 29 in the 5km round of the Euskadi outdoor championship, beating Michael Jager in 7 seconds, who had the best time with 15: 37.0 since the 2006 year.

With the time obtained yesterday, Fiz also established a new record of Spain  that from the 19 of May was in the power of Francisco Javier Fontaneda with 15: 41.88, also in Durango.

Martín keeps breaking records

After achieving the feat of Six Majors, managed to win in the most important marathons in the world in its category, Martin Fiz has achieved with this mark his second record of Spain in just one week, since the past 6 of July pulverized the national record of 3.000 in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa) with 9: 10.07.

Whoever was the world and European marathon champion has rounded seven dream months, in which he has also obtained the Spain's records of 10 km en route (31: 40, Valencia) and marathon (2: 27: 51, Paris). Last year, Fiz had already beaten the Spanish record of half marathon in Valencia, with 1: 11: 15.

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