Martín Fiz achieves his goal in London and achieves victory in the 'Six Majors'

After winning the first place in New York, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo and Chicago, Fiz has taken the first position in the London Marathon held yesterday.

Martín Fiz has already proven to be an extraordinary athlete by becoming the The only athlete in the world who has managed to win in six Majors in the Master 50 category, winning in the marathons of NY, Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, Chicago and, since yesterday, London, achieving its goal of obtaining the 'Six World Marathon Majors', an international competition created in the 2006 year, which brings together six of the most important and prestigious world marathons.

Following his second-place finish in London last year (beating nearly every athlete in the immediately lower ranks and setting the fourth-best Master 50 mark in all of history), the Skechers athlete, one of only two athletes in the world - Together with Kenyan Emmanuelk Mutai- who has raced in all the Majors, in the Olympic Games and in the World Championships, he has managed to win this year by scoring a Chrono of 2h37: 22, record of the stretch of older than 55 years in the British race.

Fiz, of 55 years, is European Champion (1994) and of the World (1995) of marathon, Prize Prince of Asturias of the Sports and Olympic in the Games of Barcelona 92, Atlanta 96 and Sidney 2000. However, despite having achieved everything in the long distance, his hunger for success has driven him to continue to reed his Skechers around the world, as shown by this authentic exhibition at the '6 World Marathon Majors' with which Fiz He has made history.

Martín Fiz achieves his goal in London and achieves victory in the 'Six Majors',images_banners_skechers-2018-noticias-Im-lanzarote

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