Max Neumman wins the European Open in Ibiza

Today one of the most anticipated events of the first part of the season was held, the european open from the PTO.

Some of the best athletes in the specialty have participated in this test, such as Alistair Brownlee, Jan Frodeno o Kristian Blummenfelt among others.

The test has been held under the PTO distance of 100 km

First out of the water was Royle followed by Frodeno, Brownlee, Smith and Salviberg in 10 seconds.

In the cycling segment in the first kilometers a group was formed with Neumann, Smith and Brownlee. Ditlev followed by another group Royle, Bishop, Frodeno and Blummenfelt behind

In T2 the first to get off the bike was Brownlee leading the leading group. Frodeno and Blummenfelt were 51 seconds later at this point.

In the foot race Alistair was in the lead for a few kilometers until Neumann caught up with him and left alone.

Finally Max neumann got the victory with a 03 time: 13: 46 followed by Kristian Blummenflet to 27 seconds and Magnus ditlev to 1: 50.

Jan Frodeno was fourth and Alistair Brownlee sixth at over 3 minutes.

In the foot race these were the fastest triathletes

1. J. WEST with a time of 00:57:02
2. K. BLUMMENFELT with a time of 00:58:29
3. M. NEUMANN with a time of 00:58:56

Max Neumman's times in the test

These are the times you have invested in each segment

Segment Time
Swimming 00:22:53
Cycling 01:50:07
Career 00:58:56

Men's Top 10 European Open Ibiza 2023

Job title Name Time difference to the leader
1 M. NEUMANN 03:13:46 -
2 K. BLUMMENFELT 03:14:13 + 00: 27.28
3 M.DITLEV 03:15:36 + 01: 50.65
4 J. FRODENO 03:16:02 + 02: 16.40
5 J.WEST 03:16:05 + 02: 19.70
6 A. BROWNLEE 03:17:03 + 03: 17.05
7 Mr. BAEKKEGARD 03:18:02 + 04: 16.48
8 B. KANUTE 03:18:08 + 04: 22.71
9 K SMITH 03:18:32 + 04: 46.13
10 A ROYLE 03:18:56 + 05: 07.44

There are no previous results.

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