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Max Studer runs a 5.000 in 13:25 and will be another of the favorites in Paris

Max Studer, the Swiss triathlete, has put his name among the fastest in the history of triathlon in the distance of 5.000 meters on the track.

During the recent Track Night Vienna event, Studer stopped the clock at 13:25.08, positioning himself as the second fastest triathlete in this modality, surpassed only by Hayden Wilde, who set a record of 13:23.91 in April of this year.

The event, which featured 21 athletes, saw Studer not only improve his personal best by more than 30 seconds, but also take the top prize.

This achievement is significant, especially considering that the Swiss's previous record was 13:54.


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His progress is a testament to the hard training and meticulous preparation, key elements on his path to the Paris Olympics.

The 5.000 meter competition is not the only discipline in which Studer has stood out recently.

The next day, he competed in the Zurich Triathlon, where, despite some setbacks in the cycling segment that cost him valuable time, he took second place.

On social media, Studer shared his experience and the learnings obtained, demonstrating his dedication and focus towards the upcoming challenges.

With the Olympic Games on the horizon, all eyes will be on this formidable athlete.

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