Bronze Medal for Sergio Baxter in the Junior Triathlon World Championship

The triathlete has finished in third position while Laura Durán manages to enter the TOP 20

The Spanish triathlon is once again at the top of the World triathlon thanks to the participation of Sergio Baxter and Laura Durán in the Junior World Triathlon Championship, held today, in the Swiss city of Laussane.

The Totana triathlete, belonging to the CT Murcia Unidata, and the Cehegín triathlete, which is part of the Saltoki Diquesi Trikideak, have not disappointed in their respective competitions getting Sergio Baxter la bronze medal, while Laura Duran has gotten into the top 20 getting the 18ª position.

Both were summoned by the Spanish Triathlon Federation to be part of the National Team thanks to the great season that they have been developing and that have been culminated with this great competition in the Junior World Cup.

Baxter has climbed to the third step of the podium behind the Portuguese Ricardo Batista, who has arrived in first position, and the British Lorcan Redmond.

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