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Half Madrid prevention measures against Covid-19

The Half Madrid Triathlon is the new medium distance triathlon in the capital.

The Casa de Campo, ideal location for the practice of triathlon, will once again be when the authorities allow it the epicenter of the national triathlon, with the dispute of the 2 distances of the Half Madrid Triathlon  (Short and Half).

The test that would have to be held on May 31, still does not have a date for its celebration, although the organization and the federations are working to publish it as soon as possible.

The organization, in order to guarantee the safety of both the triathletes and their entire team and anticipating the date on which sporting events are allowed, have prepared a guide with the measures that they will implement when the test can be held.

The tests without Drafting and with Rolling Start outputs

The competition program will consist of 2 tests without drafting and with “Rolling start” swimming starts for the GGEE.

The technical meeting will be virtual

It will be published on the web sufficiently in advance so that doubts can be raised to the indicated mail.

The mandatory mask

It will be mandatory to wear a mask (the organization will provide one in the bib envelope) and must be worn until you are not in the pre-start area.

They will always have to keep the 2 m of separation with the rest of the participants.

What will the output be like?

The mask will be mandatory until the pre-departure drawer

Heating in water is not allowed

The race judges will tell you at what time you can go to the start, always keeping the safety distance

In elite category

  • Elite male and female exit at the same time from the water keeping the 2 meters apart.
  • The male will be on the right side and the female on the left side of the exit ramp. They will have to be glued to the wall with one hand on the curb at the order of the starter and separated by 2 meters

In category age groups

  • Male and female outing together in rolling start format.
  • Time begins to run from the moment you step on the carpet, so stay calm until it's your turn to leave.

Before the carpet line there will be four areas delimited by organizational personnel:

  • Check-out
  • Pre-departure
  • Preparation
  • Transition hallway

The judges will give the starts in batches of about 10 triathletes at a time to avoid crowds on the starting ramp

The starting procedure for each batch will be as follows:

Before leaving:

  • In the first row will be the first 10 triathletes prepared in the starting area, each in their corresponding brand.
  • Behind, he will have let the next 10 pass, who will be waiting in the pre-start area, each in his corresponding brand.
  • Behind, he will have passed the next 10 who will be waiting in the preparation area.
  • At this point there will be containers so you can throw the mask away before going to the Pre-Drawer.

Outputs every 10 "

  • The first 10 triathletes located in the starting area start. The 10 triathletes who are in the pre-start area go to the start area.
  • The next 10 triathletes who are in the preparation area go to the pre-start, throwing the masks in the container when accessing this drawer.
  • The rest of the participants are waiting at the marks of the carpeted hallway or in the transition, advancing to the next position as indicated.
  • All this is repeated every 10 ″ as quickly as possible until all the participants are in the water.

In cycling

These are the measures that will be adopted in the cycling segment

  • Both the half and short route will be without drafting.
  • The organization will use all the means at its disposal for its surveillance with tolerance "0"
  • Maintain at least 10 meters with the triathlete ahead of you.
  • Drive to the right of the race lane to facilitate overtaking.
  • Carry out the overtaking as quickly as possible while maintaining 2 meters of lateral separation.

In the running race:

These are the measures that will be adopted in the foot race segment

  • Maintain at least 4m with the triathlete ahead of you.
  • Drive on the right to allow overtaking.
  • Facilitate overtaking other triathletes.
  • Overtaking keeping at least 2 meters laterally with the triathlete ahead.

You can check the following link Complete guide to Half Madrid


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