The best moments of the Mediterranean Triathlon

Almost 3500 triathletes were finishers in some of the trials of the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit.

A few months ago the circuit was born Mediterranean Triathlon, where the three provincial capitals of the Valencia Community came together to create this circuit, with three triathlons in the three provincial capitals: Castellón Triathlon, Valencia triathlon y Alicante Triathlon.

On Sunday 1 of July the starting signal was given in the capital of La Plana with the Castellón Triathlon. More than 500 men and 100 women completed some of the triathlons of the program, consisting of the Olympic distance triathlon, the sprint, the supersprint and the women's triathlon.

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Later the 8 and 9 days of September the circuit Mediterranean triathlon He moved to the capital of Túria, with Valencia Triathlon, with more than 2.000 "finishers" and an 32% female participation.

The event had the same competitions as the Castellón event, but there was also a school aquatlon and a paratriathlon aquatlon. The meeting was also held European Cup ETU of Valencia.

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Finally last weekend, the 29 and 30 days of September took place on Alicante Triathlon, which closed the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit, with almost 800 "finishers" among all the tests. The Alicante event included the Olympic triathlon, the sprint, the supersprint, the women's triathlon and the school aquatlon.

In this first edition the Mediterranean triathlon It has become an ideal circuit for all types of triathletes. Those who like to compete for the top positions have had the incentive of the overall classification with the sum of their results in the three appointments, while it has also become an ideal appointment for the most popular triathlete and debutantes.

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The general classification of the Olympic triathlon was won by Sergio Monkey y Eliana Krist Sotelo. In the sprint Alberto Joseph Górriz y Liliana Castelló They were the winners. While in Supersprint Miguel Lorente e Agnes Balaguer They took the general classification.

Video best moments Castellón Triathlon

Video best moments Valencia Triathlon


Video best moments Alicante Triathlon

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The best moments of the Mediterranean Triathlon, news_08_banne-mediterranea-triathlon-down

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