Melina Alonso and Genis Grau Spanish Triathlon Champions in Banyoles

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Today the Spanish Championship in sprint distance is being played in Banyoles.

The rain and the storm suffered early in the afternoon caused the delay of the exits but has not prevented us from enjoying one of the best Championships in Spain of recent times.

Camila Alonso wins in a tight sprint

With an exciting ending, Melina Alonso has been imposed in a tight sprint to Cecilia Santamaria and Xisca Tous. Sara Guerrero was fourth and Marta Sánchez fifth.

Ana Carvajal was the first to leave the water, achieving the Iberdrola Trophy for the best partial swim. A group of nine triathletes with Maria Rico, Melina Alonso, Carmen Gomez, Sara Guerrero, Rafaelix Martinez, Cecilia Santamaria, Marta Sanchez and Xisca Tous have all been able to get away to the T2 to fight for the podium.

In the race on foot that the fight of Melina Alonso and Cecilia Santamaría has been until the end, with Xisca Tous to 9 seconds after the runner-up.

Genis Grau Champion of Spain

Banyoles Men's Spain Championship Podium

The Catalan Jordi García (Fasstriatlon CN Montjuic)), got the silver, and the Andalusianz Camilo Puertas and the Valencian Javier LLuch (Cidade de Lugo Fluvial), the shared bronze.

The test has been very disputed with a different script in the first two segments, since they went down to run on foot a group of some 30 triathletes, but with the same development of running on foot.

The victory of Genís was decided in the finish line, with Jordi in second place and a fight until closed by the bronze medal that finally has not had winner since the third position has been shared between Camilo Puertas and Javier Lluch

Video summary of the test

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