• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Less than 2 months for the ICAN Triathlon Valencia 113

The test will be played on the 9 of June and will have two Half and Olympic distances

The next 9 of June will be held a new edition of the ICAN Triathlon Valencia113  with Olympic format and medium distance, forming part of the ICAN brand, being scoring for the circuit   No Drafting Series and Copa No Drafting FTCV., organized by the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community in a manner agreed with A300w.

The test will be held in Valencia with Departure and arrival at the Playa de las Arenas.

El formato 113 will have the following distance: 1,9 km of swimming, 81,3 km of cycling and 21,1 km of running while the Olympic test  It will consist of 1,5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 of running

El swimming sector will be held in the beach of Las Arenas

El cycling sector With a positive difference in altitude of 695 meters, it will climb to a height of 250 meters at km30 and another of 173 at km 50, from that point on downhill and flat at the end to return to Playa de las Arenas.

Track Cyclist circuit

ICAN cycling circuit VAlencia
Unevenness Cycling circuit ICAN VAlencia

La totally flat walking race It runs along the Paseo Marítimo de la Playa de la Malvarrosa, the Port of Valencia, the urban area of ​​Valencia and the old course of the Turia River, in roundtrip with a turning point in the Parque de Cabecera. Track circuit race on foot

The goal will be located on the Promenade of the Playa de las Arenas, Valencia where all the participants can receive the encouragement of the spectators.

Learn more  www.icantriathlon.com

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